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    Alex, Becci, Christiane, Daniel, Max und Thomas sammeln bei SchöNERDenken monatlich ihre #Filmpodcasttipps. Hier gibt es alle Empfehlungen als einen Feed – auf der Website gibt es die dazugehörigen ausführlichen Erläuterungen: https://schoener-denken.de/blog/?s=Filmpodcasttipps
    Charlie Chaplin
    2018-11-22 (duration 39m)
    For many people, Charlie Chaplin and the Tramp, a character he created at the start of his film career, are synonymous. This funny little man with a black moustache and a waddling gait, dressed in baggy trousers and a tight jacket, with oversized shoes and a small bowler hat, made millions of people laugh, turned Chaplin into a household name and - in his day - the highest paid entertainer in the world. But there was more to Chaplin than just a virtuoso physical comedian: he was a versatile actor, writer, musician and director. He carefully fine-tuned every aspect of his feature films, no matter how long it took or what the cost, making him - possibly - the only complete auteur in film history. He had an eye to posterity: even in the early days when films were thought of as disposable, he carefully preserved all his works. And he also had business acumen: with his brother Sydney he masterminded brilliant publicity campaigns, re-releases and lucrative deals. Bridget Kendall is joined by silent film historians Ellen Cheshire, Donna Kornhaber and Paul Duncan to explore Chaplin's world: the films that made him famous, the people who helped him become a star, and the hidden depths and contradictions behind the slapstick humour. Photo: Charlie Chaplin in the comedy film The Gold Rush (Bettmann/Getty Images)
    Podcast: Wiedergänger und Schaulustige – Cannes-Rückblick 2019
    2019-05-26 (duration 2h19m)
    In unserem großen Abschlusspodcast aus Cannes fragen wir uns, wie akademisch Céline Sciamma, wie voyeuristisch Abdellatif Kechiche und wie autoritär Terrence Malick ist. Ein Streitgespräch mit Frédéric Jaeger, Till Kadritzke, Philipp Schwarz und Rüdiger Suchsland.
    Michael Sheen
    2019-04-23 (duration 1h4m)
    The Good Omens star talks about becoming Brian Clough, Tony Blair and most recently Aziraphale, how early criticism helped shape his career and how he found his way home to Port Talbot.
    If you’re easily offended, there are some swears. A Somethin’ Else and No Mystery production.
    Interview: Tino Zimmermann von Subkultur Entertainment
    2019-03-04 (duration 1h10m)

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