A podcast search engine? You know there is Google?

That's right. And maybe you are better off there than here. But fyyd can do a few things better than Google, because it does nothing but search podcasts. Every podcast has an overview page where you can find the episodes. You can subscribe to the podcast directly from here, without having to search on its page. Of course, fyyd can't search as well as Google. There are no drölfzillionen servers, petabytes of memory in every data center etc...

Furthermore, this is a private fun project. I'm learning, having fun and maybe one or the other of you also has a benefit.

I can't find my podcast here!

That can be quite possible, but can be turned off quickly. Just throw the feed in here and it's good. It will take a while for the database to get all the information and feed content, but it shouldn't take much more than maybe ten minutes. If you do, write uns an. Unfortunately I had to go over to check the new feeds myself, because many dupes were dumped into the database. This is annoying and unnecessary. Please bear in mind that it can take half a day (or more if I'm on vacation). Thanks a lot!

How do I design a search query?

Basically, the "usual" methods apply in order to correctly tell the search engine what you search for. You should put all terms in exclamation marks. "Bernd Mayer" searches for places that contain exactly these two words. Berd Mayer again shows you all results with Bernd und Mayer, even if they are not related.

You can also use plus and minus signs (+ and -). +Bernd +Mayer finds places that contain both Bernd and Mayer, but not necessarily together. Bernd -Mayer again finds places that have Bernd, but not Mayer.

To mark phrases with several words, use citations. So "Bernd Meyer" will look for exactly these two words that have to stand together.

You can also use OR or AND (&& ||) to form logical expressions, supplemented by a negation (NOT or !). If that's not enough for you, you can use parentheses to make more sense of it. But I think this will be something for the ivory tower at the end...

It gets really interesting with the filters: These serve to filter the results according to certain metadata. A filter is always specified with FILTER:VALUE. Currently there are these filters:

  • min_date (min_date:2019-04-01)
  • max_date
  • pubdate (pubdate:2019-04-01)
  • min_duration (min_duration:1h10m)
  • max_duration (max_duration:600s)
  • chapter_title (chapter_title:Intro)
  • contributor_name (contributor_name: "Bernd Meyer")
  • language (language:de)
  • podcast_slug (podcast_slug:freak-show)
  • podcast_id (podcast_slug:85)

What are alerts?

Alerts are a service that - like everything else - is currently in the beta phase and with which I am still struggling a little. But basically it's quite simple: You give me a keyword and your email address and every time a new episode appears that somehow matches this keyword, I send you an email with the link to this episode.

I found a bug!

Yeah! If you're bored, write us a letter. Please enter if possible also the URl or the search term, in the doubt however the whole URL.

The best way to do this is to send an email to eazy@eazy-living.de.

(hey, it's translated with DeepL! I was lazy... :) )