How can I help?

First and best way to help, is to spread the word: Tell all the people who need to know (and those who don't want to know ;-)) what a great idea fyyd is. I've got an intention creating fyyd: help podcasts to spread. And what is the most important point? Increasing the number of committed listeners! Use this to tool, spread your favorits! The more people use fyyd, the better it works!

You want to participate in development? I got bad news for you: I'm some kind of a lone wolf. I have a family, I have a job and friends that make up most of my time. Whenever I have some time left, I put it into fyyd. Now, organizing a team would eat up all those time and I'm a bad project manager. As long as this project is mine (and nobody pays real big dollars), I don't see, how to integrate additional developers. Sorry!

You're still here? Ok, there's of course one way to help and it has to do with money. The server I use is a private one which hosts all my private projects like Hörsuppe, firtz, flattrBoard and so on. fyyd though tends to create heavy load, especially while importing feeds. I'm in process of integrating additional servers to relieve the web server.


Suprise: They take money for the servers ;) It's around a little figure of Euros, something between 50€ and 70€, depending on how far I want to drive that (image server, feed server etc...). At the moment the bill says smth around 65€ a month. So if you really want to throw money on that: This is the point I'd need some bucks to let fyyd run. It won't vanish if I'd have none, but money makes it faster. Paypal is my prefered way, I won't publish other ways, but maybe contact me. Thanks!


Additionally, there's a campaign on Steady.


If you don't like paypal or steady, then you might want to take a look at liberaPay. Just click that button:

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