tl;dr: What's happening to my data?

Let's summarize, what I've written down below:

  • does not want your data. Really! Use it without an account, that's great!
  • stores your mail address and - optionally - your full name.
  • uses this mail address to send you mails for service reasons (reset passwort, alerts...).
  • won't send you unsolicited mails for advertisment or newsletters.
  • does not log any IP addresses, logs will be deleted after three respectively one day.
  • does not include any resources from third-party servers (scripts, social media buttons, fonts etc...), your IP-Address won't be passed to any third party.
  • uses one (1) Cookie to connect your browser's session to your account. This cookie won't be stored after the session is closed and won't be tracked.
  • does not store what you do, except to provide the functionality of this service.
  • Alexa's skills only pass a not identifiable ID that is unable to (and won't want to) connect to your account.
  • You can delete your account at any time.
  • You can request an archive with all your stored and generated data at any time.


You can use without leaving any data here. You do not need to have an account to search podcasts and their episodes.
You'll need an account in case you want to tie found data to your account.

Your data, my server

It's a long lasting war: To create an interactive service, you need to be identifiable. At least you want to have all your actions to be persistant over time and sessions. On the other hand, there is no need to leave your telephone number, your address or your underware's size... I want to follow a simple plan concerning your data here at I don't want to have data I don't need for two reasons: I don't need it (aha) and I'm lazy. The more data I have, the more work I have to put into this project. There's no need for more than your email address to identify you and to keep in contact in case I need to. That's it. There's no more personal data here.
No, even IPs are not logged. The server logs valid requests for a day, the errorlogs stay for three days. In both logs I store a instead of you IP to keep the format valid.
The servers for assets (images, feed etc.) don't even log. There's no need to.

Sounds nice. What about external libs and services?

That's easy: There are no external libs or services. No javascript from other sources, no fonts, no social media buttons. Nothing.

I understand the reasons, one wants to use those 3rd-party stuff. But there are two reasons I don't want to have that here: First of all I do not want to be this service as slow as the slowest 3rd-party service. I want this to be fast and not depending on a foreign cdn. And second: Well... privacy :-)

Additionally I do not use any analytics tool. No Google Analytics, no piwik, nothing. It's nice to have numbers, I understand that. But I do not want to become a slave of them, hunting the numbers. I don't like that.

Ok, put some meat on the bones!

I do need to record your activity as long as you want to have it persistant. Think of a curation you create and put episode into it. This has to be stored along with your internal user-ID. Some with collections and all the funky features, provides.

But: That's it. I do not store your login date and time, I do not store what podcast or episode you viewed. I do not care about that.

What about Alexa?

Yes, Amazon stores a lot of stuff about you. I do not really know what. But I can tell you, what data Amazon send to me about you: Nothin I could connect to you or your account.
In detail: Each time you activate a skill for your Echo enabled devices, a random User-ID is generated. This ID keeps persistant for all your devices as long as you do not deactivated the skill. In case you deactivate the skill and reactivate it again, this generates a new, different User-ID Amazon delivers to me.
This User-ID helps me to idenitfy a user coming back and is stored along with your recent playlist.

There are skills that can be connected to a single user account for the service used. This is - at the moment - not the case here. But: It will be the case for the next level of Alexa-Skill from By the time this will be realized, all rules above will apply to this service as well: No data I do not need.


Yes, I need a cookie :) It's used to identify your browser's session as a session for your logged in account. There's no cookie when you're not logged in. When logging out, the cookie will stay but be rendered obsolete by adding an expiration date in the past.

Inside this cookie a simple random ID is stored. This ID won't be stored inside any database, only the webserver itself has access to this ID. That's it :)

I can haz data please?

Of course you can. You can have an archive containing all your data stored inside my database and a collection of all your feeds and aggregated data.
You can find a link to request this archive in your account's settings.

I want to delete my account!

Sorry to hear that, but of course this is possible. You can find a link to delete your account in your account's settings.

I have another question!

Great! Please write an email to