Before going on, a little hint of what's coming next:

You are about to enter a "world" in which you are not alone. Others are also walking their character through this world.

Since this platform was created primarily to allow people to communicate, the system will ask you for permission to access the camera and microphone. Once in the world, there will be two situations in which you will enter into direct communication with others:

1. you "run into" someone. In this situation, a direct video chat will open up between you and the other person.
2.There are seating areas in some rooms that open a group video chat (Jitsi).

If you don't want that, it's perfectly fine to lock the camera and microphone. However, this world is primarily one where people are supposed to engage in conversation. So you'll miss out on a not inconsiderable amount of the fascination.

But I really understand if you turn that off first and look around. There are moments when even I, as a developer of this world, do that.

If you just want to have your peace in between times, then look for the Silentium. Chats are turned off there.

And now: Have fun!

Let's go!