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the 6th Anniversary Show

It’s true listeners, we’ve made it to the 6 year mark! I’m not going to lie, I never thought I’d ...


 2016-01-21  23m

the 7 Chakras

What do I know about chakras? Not too much, I'm really hoping a whitey like me isn't offending an...


 2016-01-14  23m

Behind the 8 Ball

Is everyone ready for 2016? I sure am! Another year for some great ska music! I mean 2015 was a p...


 2016-01-07  23m

Dressed to the Nines (Happy Rude Year)

Hey all you sucks out there, stop being so wac and get suited up, it's New Years Eve! Get awesome...


 2015-12-31  23m

10/10 Would Party with Again

It's that time of year again, where what I really hope all that you are doing is getting shitface...


 2015-12-24  23m

You Call It Vol. 9

A few weeks ago, when I asked for the best songs from under-rated bands several listeners offered...


 2015-12-17  22m

You Call It Vol. 8

Once again I've turned to the wise and wonderful listeners of this very podcast. I asked them to ...


 2015-12-10  22m

the 11yr Sunspot Cycle Theory

Did you ever hear about the theory that when the sunspots on the Sun go nuts every 11 years that ...


 2015-12-03  23m

Lysithea, the 12th Moon of Jupiter

Lysithea is a prograde irregular satellite of Jupiter. It was discovered by Seth Barnes Nicholson...


 2015-11-26  23m

thirteen – treize

I have no words. Not today at least. Instead, I bring you music. Enjoy. Stay safe. 00:00 –...


 2015-11-19  23m