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 2016-12-01  7m

English Cafe 583

Topics: Andersonville Prison; garbage versus litter versus trash versus rubbish; downtime; pronouncing eight, height, and weight


 2016-11-30  30m

1,264 - Customer Loyalty Programs

Get something extra for always shopping at the same store. Learn how in this episode.


 2016-11-28  22m

1,263 - Bragging About Success With Men

What happens when you fall in love with a beautiful woman? You may just find you have company. Learn all about it in this episode.


 2016-11-25  19m

English Cafe 582

Topics: Traditional Gospel Music and Thomas A. Dorsey; cliché versus stereotype; chicken versus hen; to nail it


 2016-11-23  31m

1,262 - Failing a Driving Test

You can’t drive in the United States unless you pass a driving test. Find out how to fail it in this episode.


 2016-11-21  23m

1,261 - Reading About Research on Health

Four out of five dentists recommend that you listen to ESL Podcast while brushing your teeth, according to one recent study. Learn all about reading research in this episode.


 2016-11-18  20m

English Cafe 581

Topics: The John Peter Zenger Trial; tone versus hue versus tint versus shade; wherewithal; pronouncing saw, sew, sow, and sue


 2016-11-16  36m

1,260 - Transport and Shipping Mishaps

What happens when a package you send doesn’t arrive? Find out in this episode.


 2016-11-14  22m

1,259 - Discovering a Family Secret

Every family has secrets. Learn how to talk about them in English in this episode.


 2016-11-11  22m