Making Music with Jake Haws

Making Music with Jake Haws is a podcast dedicated to the exploring the creative process of writing and recording music featuring original songs and guest collaborators.

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episode 99: Ep. 99: Christmas Music 2019 (Winter Wonderland and Up on the Housetop)

My family has a tradition of recording Christmas songs every year. Some years, we’ve done as many as 5 songs and other years we’ve only done one. This year we were pretty busy but we were still able to do two song. For the first one, my wife and I record...



episode 98: Ep. 98: My Favorite Albums of 2019 (Top Ten List)

As this year wraps up, I'm sharing my favorite albums from 2019. There were a lot of great records that came out and I honestly had a hard time narrowing it down to just ten but I did, and here they are. Music includes Kishi Bashi, Vampire Weekend, David...



episode 97: Ep. 97: Jack Mergist and I Write a Sequel Song to Weezer's "Only In Dreams"

For this episode, I meet up with Jack Mergist. We talk about how he balances his music and film projects and we challenge ourselves to write a sequel song to the Weezer classic, "Only In Dreams." Visit for more info.


 2019-11-25  51m

episode 96: Ep. 96: Michael Stanley and I Jam on The Beatles

In this episode, Michael Stanley and I get together and jam on the Beatles.   Visit for more music and podcast episodes.


 2019-10-21  23m

episode 95: Ep. 95: Cody Butler - Interview, Performance and Song Collaboration

In this episode, I sit down with singer/songwriter Cody Butler (aka The Boy and His Dog aka Cody Francis). He plays some tunes and we talk about his musical endeavors and life. We also collaborate on a song together called "Moving Forward," which is abou...


 2019-10-08  55m

episode 94: Ep. 94: Dawn Red Sun and Audrey Olivier - Interview and Music

I'm joined by two guests, Dawn Red Sun (Dawn Charlott) and Audrey Olivier, originally from Germany and Switzerland, respectively. They share 3 songs they collaborated on and talk about the process of how the music came together. Songs produced by Adam Ba...


 2019-06-24  33m

episode 93: Ep. 93: Song "Reminders" (Influenced by Nirvana Unplugged)

In this week's episode, I highlight a song from my "50 Songs in 50 Weeks" series, influenced by the gloomy sounds of Nirvana's unplugged performance of "Something In The Way."


 2019-06-11  7m

episode 92: Ep. 92: Mike McClellan and I Create "Man on the Moon" (Modern Dance Pop Song)

In this podcast episode, Mike McClellan and I get together and collaborate on a song. We use the "track and hook" method, which is an approach to songwriting and production used extensively in pop music. We came up with this catchy dance pop tune called ...


 2019-05-28  31m

episode 91: Ep. 91: Song "Brand New Life" (Influenced by The Lumineers)

This is a love song I wrote for my wife and put on my latest album, Good Grief. Influenced by The Lumineers. Visit for lyrics and more info.


 2019-05-06  8m

episode 90: Ep. 90: Song "Thinkin Bout You" (Frank Ocean Cover)

This week, I'm sharing an acoustic cover I recently recorded of the Frank Ocean song, "Thinkin Bout You."


 2019-04-22  6m