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Advances and Testing in Vestibular Pathology

Dr Nicholas Jufas interviews Dr Dave Pothier, a Staff Otologist & Neurotologist in the Department of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery at Toronto General Hospital, and Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. He has a strong interest in


 2017-04-07  35m

Advanced Cochlear Implantation

Dr. Nicholas Jufas speaks with Professor Thomas Balkany, an otolaryngologist and neurotologist specializing in cochlear implantation. He is the Hotchkiss Endowment Distinguished Professor and Chairman Emeritus in the Department of Otolaryngology and Profe


 2017-03-21  28m

Middle Ear Mechanics

Dr Nicholas Jufas interviews Professor Manohar Bance, an Otologist and Neurotologist and Head of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at QEII Health Services Centre and Dalhousie University in Halifax. He is Director of the EAR lab, a middle ear mechanics


 2016-05-18  17m


In this podcast, Dr Niall Jefferson interviews Dr Gregory Postma, an international leader in the diagnosis and management of dysphagia. The discussion defines the symptom and elaborates on the history, exam and relevant investigations. We close with a dis


 2016-03-14  34m

Congenital Aural Atresia

Dr Niall Jefferson sits down with Dr Dan Choo, current director of the division of pediatric otolaryngology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and medical center to discuss Congenital aural atresia. The discussion covers incidence, clinical examination and


 2016-01-11  36m

Non-Pulsatile Tinnitus

Dr Nicholas Jufas interviews Professor Michael Seidman, Director of the Division of Otologic/Neurotologic Surgery at the Henry Ford Health System in Bloomfield, Michigan. He is also the Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine and Professor at Wayn


 2015-11-30  37m

Bone Anchored Hearing Devices

In this podcast Dr Niall Jefferson sits down again with Dr Phillip Chang an ENT surgeon based in Sydney to discuss bone anchored devices. The discussion covers typical presentation, standard workup, relevant investigations and the pros and cons of differe


 2015-11-06  22m

Thyroid Nodules

Dr. Niall Jefferson talks Thyroid Nodules with Dr. Faruque Riffat


 2015-10-19  34m

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Dr Nicholas Jufas interviews Dr Nirmal Patel. The interview covers the definition, workup and prognosis and treatment of sudden sensorineural hearing loss, as well as salvage treatment and management options and future directions.


 2015-09-02  23m

Expanding Indications for Cochlear Implantation - An Update

Dr. Niall Jefferson discusses the evolving trends in Cochlear implantation with Dr. Phillip Chang


 2015-04-16  26m