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PRI's The World: 05/25/2016

Gang violence is once again making El Salvador one of the most dangerous countries on Earth. Plus, a look ahead to President Obama's trip to Hiroshima, Japan. And, what happened when a high school in Medford, Massachusetts had to cancel Hijab Day.


 2016-05-25  46m

PRI's The World: 05/24/2016

Two soldiers turned authors look back at Vietnam and Iraq — and ahead to how a nation heals in the aftermath of war. Meanwhile, we also noticed that President Barack Obama sat down with chef Anthony Bourdain Monday in Vietnam to try some bun cha. To find out more about this North Vietnamese dish, we called up a Vietnamese American chef who runs a restaurant in Chapel Hill, North Carolina...


 2016-05-24  47m

PRI's The World: 05/23/2016

President Barack Obama is in Vietnam, and he announced today that the United States would lift its five-decade-old ban on selling arms to Vietnam. Why the change in policy? It might have something to do with China. Also, we'll head to Austria to hear about a far-right candidate for president who fell just short in elections this weekend. It's part and parcel of a European shift to the right that resonates strongly with the rise of Donald Trump here in the United States...


 2016-05-23  46m

PRI's The World: 05/20/2016

President Obama heads to Vietnam this weekend. We'll find out what that visit means to a Vietnamese American. Plus, an update on the persistent problem of polluted water at several Olympic venues in Brazil. And Morocco serves as a stand-in for many Middle East locations in Hollywood movies, but many in Morocco would like their country to play itself more on the big screen.


 2016-05-20  1h10m

PRI's The World: 05/19/2016

We'll have the latest on EgyptAir Flight 804 that went down in the Mediterranean earlier this morning. We also bring you a conversation with an Army chaplain who quit over the US military drone program. Plus, an engineer who has become the jukebox hero of Los Angeles.


 2016-05-19  1h11m

PRI's The World: 05/18/2016

Maz Jobrani reflects on life as an Iranian American comic and his new movie, "Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero." He also talks US politics and weighs in on the Kardashians. Plus, a reporter for the New York Times has been investigating the chain of events that led to a US airstrike on a hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan back in October that left 42 people dead...


 2016-05-18  45m

PRI's The World: 05/17/2016

Tensions are running high again in Hong Kong. Back in 2014, pro-democracy protesters took to the streets in protest. Now, for the first time since those protests, a high-level official from Beijing is visiting the semi-autonomous territory. Security is tight for what officials are calling an "inspection visit." Plus, we hear the story of a couple from Africa who are on a mission to teach people here to eat a healthier diet. Later, the duo known to fans in LA's Koreatown as Coco Avenue...


 2016-05-17  47m

PRI's The World: 05/16/2016

One hundred years ago today, Western countries drew a line in the sands of the Middle East. It's known as the Sykes-Picot line, and the borders and rivalries it created back in 1916 are still affecting people today. Also, Canada's "first lady," Sophie Gregoire Trudeau caused a stir after suggesting she needs more staff to do her job properly...


 2016-05-16  47m

PRI's The World: 05/13/2016

A Muslim American once opposed to Donald Trump is now ready to vote for him. She talks to us. We also hear why it's so hard to get fired in France — and how that might be changing. Plus, we meet a 60-year-old prospector who found the largest gold nugget ever discovered on British soil, but there's no fairytale ending.


 2016-05-13  46m

PRI's The World: 05/12/2016

Classified pages from a 9/11 congressional report may reveal the hijackers received support from top leaders in Saudi Arabia. Will they be released? Also, air pollution in Mexico City had improved for many years, only to get worse in recent months. What the city is trying to do. Plus, Italy's most famous transgender politician celebrates Italy's approval of civil unions for gay couples.


 2016-05-13  46m