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      UNBOXING: The Samsung Galaxy S8+

      I got a chance to grab one of the Galaxy S8+'s for review, and will be doing that soon. I am putting this thing up against my iPhone 7+ to see which one does not mean that it will win the battle between Android and iOS...this just means it wins for ME. For my needs on a day to day basis...which could be your same come along on the journey! What do you think initially? Like the design? Are you Android or iOS?



      LIVE: Amazon Echo VS Google Home, Apple Music VS Spotify, Geeks Life 4K & more! Do you have a voice activated assistant gadget like Amazon Echo or Google Home? I'm testing both of those head to head and we talk about what I'm finding and what I'm using them to do in this episode. Also, weighing Apple Music against Spotify and why our shows may start to look even better on your screens!



      LIVE: Flying cars, Nintendo Switch, and more!

      Airbus is getting into the flying car business with an unusual concept showing at the Geneva Motor Show. Volkswagen introduces Sedric, a driverless car with no controls or instruments. And Nintendo's Switch has hit the big wide world - and while some people love it, there are complaints about connectivity and dead pixels. And we've got a whole lot more, all in this week's Geeks Life LIVE!



      Review: Writing underwater with AquaNotes Let’s go underwater! There are two things I LOVE. My pen and paper. And water. Today the two things go hand in hand with the AquaNotes water proof paper notepad! Now, I won’t be taking these AquaNotes with me when I go stand up paddleboarding, but I COULD… These things aren’t new, but they’re probably new to you. It’s a waterproof notepad you can keep in the shower. I use it in the bath. Sometimes when I relax in the tub, my mind starts going crazy...



      LIVE: Why the internet crashed, the new Prius Prime, YouTube’s new TV service & more! Last week saw a major internet outage on sites that use Amazon Web Services in some way. We'll tell you how that happened, plus a look at YouTube's move into TV (cordcutters - what are your thoughts?), and a look at the teched out Prius Prime we'll be reviewing soon!



      Test driving the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Advanced We're taking a look at the 2017 Prius Prime Advanced Edition. At first we were just going to do a review (Toyota provided us with one to drive for a week to review), but after I started researching this, I just fell in love with it and we wound up trading in our Jeep Cherokee for a beautiful red Prius Prime with white interior! So for the next week, we'll have two to check out. And we're keeping one! We're working on a full review to be coming your way soon,...



      Restaurant quality steak with the Anova Precision Cooker   Want to make restaurant quality steaks at home? Once limited to the world’s best restaurants, sous vide cooking is a technique that makes it easy to achieve professional-quality results in the kitchen. Sous vide, which means “under vacuum” in French, refers to the process of vacuum sealing food and putting it in a water bath. However, you don’t need to vacuum seal your food to cook sous vide. Instead, this technique is really about bringing food...



      LIVE: Robot bees, straws re-engineered, phone-friendly pavement & more! On the latest Geeks Life LIVE we're talking about robot bees, McDonald's new idea for drinking straws, rumors of a 4K Apple TV, pavement lights that help people cross the street more safely even if they're looking at their phones, and lots more!



      Explore hidden Netflix categories with this Chrome extension Did you know Netflix actually has a whole lotta content you may never see? Netflix is a BIG place, and only getting bigger by the day. When you browse by category in Netflix, you get what looks like a pretty good selection. Until you go through it night after night and soon you feel like you’ve exhausted the content on Netflix. Like you’ve watched EVERYTHING they have. Ever feel like that? For goodness sake, I barely watch Netflix and I FEEL like that...



      LIVE: Android Wear 2.0, Brilliant Control, reMarkable paper tablet & more!   On the latest Geeks Life LIVE Luria & Petra discussed Android Wear 2.0, a REMARKABLE notepad, whether home automation is FINALLY ready for prime time, and lots more! Join us every Friday Join us for Geeks Life LIVE every Friday at 1:00 PM Pacific Time!