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Odyssey & Muse is a weekly podcast about creativity, adventure and living life without a map. Host John Jurko II dives into conversations with interesting and talented artists, travelers, innovators and adventure junkies to discuss how they brought their creations and journeys to life. John will dig into the big questions like how to overcome fears, how to plan and execute a large project, and how to discover the things that drive you. Finding your true North. Subscribe, share and rate us to help grow the show.




      Ep 20: Daniel E. Williams - BGSU professor and indie filmmaker on making a study of cinema.

      Daniel E. Williams received his MFA in Film from Howard University in 1998 and in 2000 he won Best of Show at the Rosebud Film and Video Festival for his thesis film A Thousand Days a Year. He currently teaches film production at Bowling Green State University, while continuing to independently write, produce, and direct award-winning films. I even had the pleasure of working on his latest project, Autumn Blue, as the 1st AC. “Cinema is not just a product, it’s a form of cultural exp...



      Man Bike World Pt. 2 – Halfway down the Great Divide Trail. Bicycles, bears, friends and fires.

      This is a special mini-episode of Odyssey and Muse where we check in with people that are about to embark on or are in the middle of an adventure around the world. In this episode I catch up with Russ McCoy of Man Bike World. Russ is in the midst of his Great Divide Mountain Bike Tour. I interviewed him back in July just before he shoved off. If you haven’t listened to that episode you can catch up here. “I saw this little baby grizzly bear cub running across the road.” Russ began his tour ...



      Ep 19: Ryan Bury – Burning Shade Productions, producing movies and reading a book a week.

      Ryan Bury is originally from Perrysburg, Ohio. Since graduating Bowling Green State University, he has lived and worked in Los Angeles. He’s been the post-production manager on TV shows like America’s Got Talent, The X Factor, The Secret Lives of Americans and more. He’s a co-founder of Burning Shade Productions, and together with Sean Cruser he has written and produced many short films and features. “Save up a little money and just do it.” In this episode we learn about how Ryan got into f...



      Ep 18: Gary Arndt - Everything Everywhere, how to blog like a pro and travel for 9 years.

      Gary Arndt has mastered the art of world travel. He sold his house in 2007 and has been on the road ever since. A short time into his journey he decided to take his blogging and photography seriously, and within 4 years he went from amateur to winning multiple awards. “Travel allows you to see connections between places.” Gary has been to all 7 continents and has visited over 175 countries and territories. He has one of the larger collections of National Geographic magazines in the world, h...



      Ep 17: Matthew Scott – How to light a scene, share your failures and work toward mastery.

      Matthew Scott is an Australian cinematographer living in Tasmania. He is constantly exploring and pushing for the mastery of his craft. He also enjoys cooking, retro games, playing piano and going on adventures with his lover. “Share shit. Be a voice.” In this episode we dive deep. We talk about how Matt quit high school, got a job, and focused on his love of photography. How he later quit his job and decided to pursue a career as a cinematographer. We dig into his all or nothing attitude, ...



      Man Bike World Pt. 1 - Russ McCoy on bears, bikes and his approaching Great Divide tour.

      This is a special episode of Odyssey and Muse. This is going to be the first of possibly many little in-between-isodes where we check in with people that are about to embark on or are in the middle of an adventure around the world. In this episode I talk with Russ McCoy of Man Bike World. He was the second person I interviewed for this podcast, episode 2, and he is the first repeat guest. “It’s 2,745 miles from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico.” Russ has been on two big Bicycle t...



      Ep 16: Bobby McCall – The Dirty Hooks, leaving a musical legacy and avoiding the charlatans.

      Bobby McCall is a singer, songwriter and musician from Las Vegas. He bought a guitar when he was 17 and has been focused on honing his skills and writing music ever since. After parting ways with the band The Ill Figures, he started the gritty rock trio The Dirty Hooks with bandmates Anthony Ratto III and Jenine Cali. They made the decision to write and record the music that they wanted to hear, and in 2012 they released their debut album Electric Grit to critical acclaim. In this...



      Ep 15: Vic May – Success as an actor in LA, get an agent with a beard, and keep making stuff.

      Vic May is from, Anamosa, Iowa. He grew up in a creative family where he was encouraged to pursue his desire to act in theater. He graduated from Simpson College, then lived in Chicago, acting in the Red Tape Theater and other venues before moving with is wife Mackenzie to Los Angeles, where they currently reside. Some of his recent work includes acting in a Geico / Vikings commercial, modeling for the Centura Health Pioneer Campaign, acting in the movie Trafficked with Ashley Judd, and...



      Ep 14: Marquette Jones - Get your movie made, win at grad school and crack the film fest.

      Marquette Jones is from Youngstown, Ohio, not far from where I grew up. She’s an alumna of NYU’s graduate film program, but before becoming a filmmaker, Marquette was a public interest attorney in Oakland, California. Her work includes her most recent film, Forgiving Chris Brown, along with Round on Both Sides, Tunk, Heroes Wanted and Streets 2 Suites. She has also produce many other projects from short films, to commercials and PSAs for the Women in Film program. When she is not busy wri...



      Ep 13: Hannah Nicol - Wanderlust, traveling Southeast Asia and benefits of liberal arts.

      Hannah Nicol is an academic advisor in international student affairs, teaches ESL classes at a university level, and spends all of her spare time traveling and dancing. “I can do anything for a year.” In this conversation we go into her early life growing up in Nigeria, the last 4 years she’s spent living in China and traveling Southeast Asia, how her liberal arts degree challenged her old worldview, her love of salsa dancing as a way to connect with others around the globe, and her desire ...