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Each week, host Kevin O'Shea interviews people about some of the most fascinating aspects of life in Japan. Topics such as culture, music, history, as well as living and working in Japan are covered. If you're interested in traveling or working in Japan or love anime, manga and want to know more about how cool Japan can be, than the Just Japan Podcast is for you.




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    Just Japan Podcast 159: Don't Do That in Japan!

    In Episode 159 of the podcast, host Kevin O'Shea chats with friends of the show, Jim Mullins and Andrew Higgins. Often you read travel tips about how you should behave in Japan. In this podcast, Kevin, Jim and Andrew talk about how you SHOULDN'T behave in Japan! Don't open packages before you pay for them, Don't be loud drunks, Don't be loud on trains, etc. Some good advice from some folks who have been in Japan for a long time!

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    Just Japan Podcast 158: Hitchhiking in Japan

    In Episode 158 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O'Shea chats with returning guest Sam Ramdani about hitchhiking in Japan. Sam was looking for adventure and decided see what hitchhiking to a travel destination would be like. Sam shares a fun story and some practical hitchhiking advice for travelers out there thinking of trying it! Kevin Also talks about moving to China, food allergies and other things.

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    Just Japan podcast 157: Inside Sport Japan

    In Episode 157 of the podcast, host Kevin O'Shea chats with John Gunning from InsideSportJapan.com. InsideSportJapan is an exciting new site covering the sports scene in Japan in English. Like Sumo? American Football? Rugby? Basketball? ..or other sports in Japan that might not get the coverage they deserve? Well, InsideSportJapan is here to fill that English language sports news void. Learn about the site, the work they do to cover the sports world in Japan and how, you might be able to...



    Just Japan Podcast 156: Working in a Temple

    In Episode 156 of the podcast, host Kevin O'Shea chats with Felicity Tillack from wherenextjapan.com. Felicity is an Australian photographer, content creator and teacher who just finished a 6 month stint working in a Buddhist temple on Mount Koya (Koyasan) in Japan. She talks about her incredible experiences working in a kitchen at a temple, the interesting people she met and how challenging it was. Felicity also talks about wherenextjapan.com, a great place to go to get some amazing...



    Just Japan Podcast 155: What the Heck Japan!?

    In Episode 155 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O'Shea is joined by friends of the show, Andrew Higgins from the "Higgins in Japan" YouTube channel and Jason from NapaJapan.com. They talk about the Great Japanese Potato chip Shortage, North Korea acting like poop-heads, Andrew's recent move and other topics. Kevin also announces that he'll be leaving Japan with his family later this year for new adventures in China! Have no fear, the Just Japan Podcast will keep going!




    Just Japan Podcast 154: Kansai Culture

    In Episode 154 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O'Shea chats with Justin of the Kansai Culture Blog. Justin has created a blog that looks at events around the Kansai region of Japan as well as various aspects of Japanese culture and history. This blog digs much deeper into local Japanese culture than a typical blog. Learn more about a great Japan resource!

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    Just Japan Podcast 153: The Japanese Sword

    In Episode 153 of the Just Japan Podcast, host Kevin O'Shea welcomes Japanese sword expert Paul Martin to the show. If you want to know about swords in Japan, Paul Martin is your guy. He is a respected expert on the topic and can be regularly seen on Japanese and international TV talking about Japanese swords. He also makes regular presentations at the Samurai Museum in Tokyo and many other places throughout the country and world. Learn more about Japanese history, swords and weapons in...



    Just Japan Podcast 152: Life in Kobe and JET

    In Episode 152 of the podcast, host Kevin O'Shea chats with fellow Canadian Sam Ramdani. Sam is a teacher living in Kobe, Japan. He is a member of the JET Program and is also a Kobe Public Relations Ambassador. Sam talks about life in Kobe, the JET Program, how he came to Japan and learned Japanese. Sam also talks about what being a volunteer, promoting tourism for the City of Kobe is all about!

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    Just Japan Podcast 151: Teaching Myths

    It's "Myth Month" on the Just Japan Podcast! In this episode of the podcast, host Kevin O'Shea talks about some of the myths surrounding the English teaching industry in Japan. Do I have to be an English native speaker to get a teaching job? Do I need a teaching degree? Do I need to speak Japanese? Kevin answers theses questions and more.

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    Just Japan Podcast 150: More Japan Myths

    Is teriyaki really the "Taste of Japan"? Can I visit Japan if I don't speak Japanese? Are Japanese women submissive? Host Kevin O'Shea and guest Jim Mullins take on these myths and more in episode 150 of the Just Japan Podcast! Jim and Kevin follow up the popular episode "Myths of Japan". They talk about ones that may have some truth to them and others that are completely NOT TRUE! Kevin also talks about the Japan Podcast Network, podcasters building a podcasting community in Japan. He...