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Weekly sermons from our pastor and guest speakers alike every week, Teaching the Word of God.

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episode 108: Hope Revisited

John shares about the hope in Christ.


 2019-05-28  56m

episode 107: Born Again, the Foundation of the Gospel

Pastor Bill takes John 3 and unfolds thoughts about the beginning of the gospel, this conversation being a foundation of what the new covenant would be and is.


 2019-05-19  41m

episode 106: Unveiling the Gospel

Duane Flemming delivers a heartfelt message on the need to reveal the Gospel. Revealing to others in a manner that is fresh, genuine.


 2019-05-06  43m

episode 105: The Power of Resurrection 2

The Power of Resurrection defines the power of the Christian Faith!


 2019-04-22  42m

episode 104: The Passion and the Fire

Ralph shared a great message on the Passion and Fire that we need to live as followers of Jesus.


 2019-04-15  42m

episode 103: The Power of Resurrection

Without the Resurrection, the cross was just an instrument of execution.


 2019-04-08  39m

episode 102: The Great Divide-The Chasm to Freedom

The whole idea of freedom is fraught with pitfalls. As Christians we have lived in confusion many times settling for someone's definition rather than the one Jesus wanted us to have.


 2019-03-18  44m

episode 101: Oops...What did you say?

Sometimes when you are moving forward with God, you find yourselves learning and adapting. Removing old thoughts and patterns are hard, but the Holy Spirit can challenge us deeply.


 2019-03-10  51m

episode 100: Re-Discover Jesus

There is a need in our walk with the Lord to re-discover his message and covenant.


 2019-02-25  45m

episode 99: The Sphere of Influence

John shares about all of us having a sphere of influence. Use it. Live it!


 2019-02-10  50m