21st Century Work Life - remote working, virtual teams and flexible working.

The world of work is changing. Our attitudes to work are changing. The 21st Century Work Life podcast looks at different ways of earning a living, of using technology at work and of managing teams. If you're working in a conventional office, if you're part of a virtual team or if you just want to find out how our attitudes to work keep evolving, join Pilar Orti and guests every week. And if you're working in a virtual team or are a remote worker, pop in every other week for virtual coffee with Lisette Sutherland - she's got great advice for you! Pilar Orti blogs at Virtual, not Distant.




    WLP119 Making Virtual Meetings Comfortable

    In today's episode, Pilar talks through the things we can tweak as individuals, to make our virtual meetings comfortable. 19:25mins



    WLP118 What Virtual CoWorking can Teach Virtual Teams

    In today's episode, Pilar and Lisette share their experiences in virtual coworking and highlight those elements that can be applied to working in a virtual team.

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    - Lisette shares her experience hiring virtual freelancers -...


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    WLP117 A Question of Trust- a Virtual Team Talk special

    What contributes to team members trusting each other in virtual teams? In today's episode, we present a range of thoughts, questions and suggestions to help maintain trust in virtual teams.

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    “If we don’t have the trust, eventually you don’t have a team, you have a bunch of individuals that are sort of working together, but not really working together towards the same purpose.”
    (Mark Kilby)

    History of Virtual Team Talk...


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    Extra WLP117 Full conversation on trust in virtual teams

    This is the full version of our live broadcast earlier in the year. For an edited version of the conversation, with other thoughts and reflections, and show notes, check out episode 117. 

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    WLP116 How Remote Work Affects Office Life (part 2)

    In today's episode, Lisette and Pilar continue their conversation about how the collocated space can evolve by adopting virtual teamwork practices.

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    Quite a long catch-up today, but it's all related to our theme...

    How Sococo is now the first place where Pilar looks for Lisette when she needs to speak to her online and how the different...


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    WLP115 Managing Up when Being Remote

    In today's episode, Pilar talks with Eva Rimbau-Gilabert about a recent piece of research on how "managing up" tactics differ between collocated and virtual workers (those in close physical proximity to the manager and those working away from the office).

    The research that Eva shares was conducted by Sebastián Steizel, who is Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the University of San Andrés (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Eva was director of the thesis.



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    Fickle Friday: Cognitive Tunneling

    Pilar introduces the concept of Cognitive Tunneling, after a couple of things that happened yesterday to her. And she recommends "Smarter, Faster, Better" bu Charles Duhigg, once again...

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    WLP114 How Remote Work affects Office Life (part 1)

    In this episode, Pilar and Lisette talk about how having a remote set-up and a flexible workforce affects how we work in the office. 55mins

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    What is "remote" anyway?

    Even people working across different floors perceive themselves as being distant from each other. Another great advocacy point for adapting the office to remote working. It will benefit teamwork that happens across floors, not just those working outside the building.



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    WLP113 Different Conversations need Different Tools

    In this episode, Pilar talks about what happens when people speak different languages in the office, how many people still reject having online interactions and the difficulties of working out loud in virtual teams. 

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    When speaking a different language in the office is a problem. Finding out whether it's a sign of something else going on. Having informal conversations and avoiding...


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    WLP112 Learning in Virtual Teams

    In today's episode, Pilar and Lisette share some of the ways in which they learn about themselves, their work and their colleagues.

    Online Learning does not mean watching videos!

    (1) Overview

    What do we mean by "learning"? Kolb's cycle.
    Involves change.
    A lot of our learning is experiential.

    Experience (concrete experience)
    Reflect (reflective observation)
    Theorise, generalise (abstract conceptualisation)
    How could it...


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