Nerds Assemble

Emily and the three Pauls present a weekly dose of conversation on videogames, films, TV shows, comics, graphics, novels, anime, manga and much, much more.

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Nerds Assemble 220: Catch-up 2: Catch-up harder

This week: Join Paul, Paul and Emily (unfortunately Paul was busy moving house) as they chat about what they’ve been up to recently.Mini-SNES and Mini-NESNetflix’s Lost in SpaceAvengers Infinity WarVarious electronics shenanigansStar Trek the Next Genera


 2018-05-10  1h2m

Nerds Assemble 219: Star Wars - The Nerds Strike Back

This week: the Nerds crew discuss their memories of the Star Wars universe.  Join Paul, Emily, Paul and Paul as they hit the FTL drive and avoid Paul’s accusations of Star Wars being a soap opera in space.  Here’s the advert Retroid was referring to: And


 2018-04-12  1h7m

Nerds Assemble 218: STEM and education in the UK

This week: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in the UK and the general state of the education system. Join Paul, Emily and Paul as they discuss the difficulties of going into STEM fields (especially for women) and why they went on a


 2018-04-07  1h19m

Nerds Assemble 217: Remembering the arcade

This week: We talk all about the cultural phenomenon; the arcade. Join players 1 to 4;  Paul, Emily, Paul and Paul as they cover their favourite arcade based memories, while discussing the ins and outs of the UK arcade scene of the past. So, are you sitt


 2018-03-15  1h19m

Nerds Assemble 216: A good ol’ catchup

This week: Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily as they also discuss what they’ve been watching recently.The Mash ReportThe Joel McHale ShowWii FitStar Trek DiscoveryAltered CarbonBlack PantherDirk GentlyElementaryLongmireand many more… So, are you sitting


 2018-03-03  1h10m

Nerds Assemble 215: Supernatural

This week: We talk all about the boys Winchester. Join the wayward Emily, Paul, Paul and Paul, along with special guest Sanity for a delightful talk about the 13 season strong (and still going), Supernatural. Oh, and don’t mind Retroid, he’s just had a d


 2018-02-21  1h20m

Nerds Assemble 214: PSN Outages

This week: Ursula Le Guin’s death, PSN outages, Videogame world record is stripped and Venom has finished being filmed. So join Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily as they also discuss what they’ve been up to recently.Black LightningWindows 10 creative editionAss


 2018-02-01  57m

Nerds Assemble 213: LOAD“COMMODORE64″,8,1

This week: We got nostalgic over the Commodore 64. Join Paul, Paul and Paul, along with special guest Jan Beta for a trip down memory lane (all 64 kilobytes of it). You can find Jan Beta’s YouTube channel here. So, are you sitting comfortably? Click here


 2018-01-25  1h2m

Nerds Assemble 211: The Internet

This week: We take a look at how the internet has shaped us, and changed our lives in fundamental ways. Join Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily as they discuss everything Internet.   Here’s the article quoted in the episode.  And a video (here) from AlternateHis


 2018-01-10  1h3m

Nerds Assemble 210: The highs and lows of 2017

This week: We take a look at our geeky highs and lows of 2017. And manage to remain surprisingly upbeat… Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily as they look back on, and spoil a bit…Doctor Who Horizon DawnLoganWonder WomanThe Nintendo SwitchThor: Ragna


 2017-12-19  1h9m