A Twin Peaks Podcast: A Podcast About Twin Peaks

The show that changed television is back. Pour yourself some damn good coffee and join Entertainment Weekly’s men from another place, Jeff Jensen and Darren Franich, as they unwrap the plastic and examine the mysteries of Showtime's trippy horror-soap revival.



episode 3: Decoding Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Jeff and Darren rewatch the prequel film and analyze it from a few different perspectives. (What were David Lynch's intentions, and did they succeed?) They also share their crazy theories and discuss how the confounding movie may be relevant to the new revival series. Tweet questions to @EWDocJensen and @DarrenFranich, or email us at twinpeaks@ew.com. Don't forget to rate us on iTunes and leave a review! We'd love to hear your thoughts on the podcast, and any of your Twin Peaks theories...


 May 15, 2017  1h2m

episode 2: Unwrapping Twin Peaks, Season 2

Laura Palmer's killer is revealed! The Giant Man arrives! Agent Cooper becomes Lumberjack Cooper! Jeff and Darren unwrap the incredibly awesome and deeply disappointing moments of Season 2. They also discuss where the show went off course, how it portrayed women at the time, and question what was Cooper's purpose in the first place. Tweet questions to @EWDocJensen and @DarrenFranich, or email us at twinpeaks@ew.com...


 May 8, 2017  1h17m

episode 1: Examining Twin Peaks, Season 1

Ahead of Twin Peaks' upcoming return, Jeff and Darren revisit Season 1 to examine the most memorable moments, plus share some fun behind-the-scenes stories. They discuss what made the show so special back then and why it remains awesome now, the best Lynchian moments, and pet theories (like how Agent Cooper = Jeffrey Beaumont in Blue Velvet). Tweet questions to @EWDocJensen and @DarrenFranich, or send us an email at twinpeaks@ew.com...


 May 1, 2017  1h7m

It Is Happening Again

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 March 24, 2017  2m