Nadia Idle, Jeremy Gilbert and Keir Milburn present #ACFM – a show examining the links between left-wing politics, culture, music and experiences of collective joy. Brought to you by Novara Media.


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#ACFM Trip 11: Friendship

Keir Milburn, Nadia Idle and Jeremy Gilbert discuss the history and theory of friendship, from Aristotle to Elland Road, while reflecting on how the podcast has impacted their relationship as a group, with music by Minutemen and Carole King.


 2020-06-26  57m

#ACFM Trip 10: How It Feels to Be Free

Nadia, Jeremy and Keir search for the feeling of freedom, moving from Nina Simone to Buddhist House via Jeremy Clarkson. Edited and produced by Olivia Humphreys, Matt Huxley and Matt Phull. Texts: Isaiah Berlin – Two Concepts of Liberty / Simone de Bea...


 2020-05-10  53m

#ACFM Trip 9: Utopia

Nadia Idle, Jeremy Gilbert and Keir Milburn discuss Utopias, including the Paris Commune, analogue dreamlands and kettle logic. Edited and produced by Olivia Humphreys, Matt Huxley and Matt Phull. PRS LICENCE NUMBER: LE-0016481 Tracklist: Goldfrapp – U...


 2020-04-19  52m

#ACFM Microdose: Acid Lockdown

The #ACFM crew discuss life in lockdown including cheese care packs, the moral economy, and the crisis of liberalism. Texts: Nadia Idle- This Too Shall Pass https://notaloneintheworld.com/2020/03/22/this-too-shall-pass/ / Craig Gent – When Logistics Ru...


 2020-04-06  1h0m

#ACFM Trip 8: Acid Urbanism

Nadia Idle, Jeremy Gilbert and Keir Milburn discuss Acid Urbanism, including, The Right to the City, Communist Follies and Reclaiming the Streets. Edited and produced by Olivia Humphreys, Matt Huxley and Matt Phull.


 2020-02-16  58m

#ACFM Microdose: The Comedown

The #ACFM crew take stock in the wake of Labour’s defeat and the dawning of a new year. https://novaramedia.com/?p=16785


 2020-01-07  1h3m

#ACFM Trip 7: Be Here Now

Nadia Idle, Jeremy Gilbert and Keir Milburn ask why now for acid corbynism? They discuss historical conjunctures,  farcical repetitions, and left melancholy. https://novaramedia.com/2019/10/27/acfm-trip-7-be-here-now/


 2019-11-28  50m

#ACFM Microdose: Election Special

‘You can’t say it’s boring’: the #ACFM crew bring you an election special – on organising, energy and political polarisation. Plus, a special campaigning song. https://novaramedia.com/?p=15970


 2019-11-24  52m

#ACFM Microdose: Extinction Rebellion

The #ACFM crew discuss some of the issues and ideas raised by the ongoing Extinction Rebellion protests in London (and around the world). Links to some of the talks and texts discussed in the show: https://rebellion.


 2019-10-13  46m

#ACFM Microdose: Mica Nava on Feminist Consciousness Raising

 ACFM’s Jeremy Gilbert interviews Professor Mica Nava on her experience of women’s liberation and consciousness raising in London in the 1970s. Mica is the author books such as Changing Cultures; Feminism, Youth and Consumerism and Visceral Cosmopolita...


 2019-09-17  55m