AFP: American Family Physician Podcast

Twice a month, faculty and residents of the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix Family Medicine Residency discuss key clinical points from each issue of American Family Physician (AFP). AFP publishes clinical reviews that help keep physicians current with advances in diagnosis and treatment. Contributing editor: Dr. Steven Brown.

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episode 19: April 1, 2021 AFP: American Family Physician

HIV infection in adults (1:30), active management of the third stage of labor (5:50), the suicidal patient (7:50), kinesiology taping for osteoarthritis (11:20), medication overuse headache (13:40), and obstructive sleep apnea and chronic insomnia...


 2021-04-12  21m

episode 18: March 15, 2021 AFP: American Family Physician

Canadian Syncope Risk Score (1:30), topical corticosteroids (4:20), helping patients make healthy decisions about COVID-19 (12:20), radial and ulnar fractures (15:50), the KIDs List (21:30), and bempedoic acid (24:30).


 2021-03-22  30m

episode 17: March 1, 2021 AFP: American Family Physician

Difficult to treat and severe asthma (1:30), serum lactate in sepsis (6:50), repeat bone mineral density testing (10:30), primary care continuity and mortality (12:00), HPV vaccine and invasive cervical cancer (13:30), initiating hormonal...


 2021-03-08  23m

episode 16: February 15, 2021 AFP: American Family Physician

Health maintenance for women of reproductive age (1:40), magnesium for asthma (7:30), frailty (9:10), colonoscopy screening (13:40), bipolar disorders (15:30), recurrent cellulitis in patients with edema (17:30), and diary of a family physician...


 2021-02-26  25m

Bonus Episode 12 AFP: American Family Physician

Coauthor family physicians Krys E. Foster, MD, MPH, FAAFP; Christina N. Johnson, MD, PhD; and Cleveland Piggott, MD, MPH, share their essay, Dear White People. Originally published in Ann Fam Med. 2021;19(1):66-69. Shared with permission. Outro music...


 2021-02-15  10m

episode 15: February 1, 2021 AFP: American Family Physician

Telemedicine for musculoskeletal issues (1:30), sexual assault (7:10), exercise for respiratory tract infections (12:10), the QuantiFERON-TB Gold+ test (14:00), patient-collected HPV testing (17:00), and AFP Clinical Answers (19:30).


 2021-02-03  23m

episode 14: January 15, 2021 AFP: American Family Physician

Hip pain in adults (1:30), icosapent ethyl for cardiovascular disease (6:00), unhealthy drug use screening (9:20), labor dystocia (11:40), osteoarthritis management (17:00), low back pain relief with placebo (19:50), and the placebo game (21:20).


 2021-01-26  35m

episode 13: January 1, 2021 AFP: American Family Physician

An editorial on systemic racism (1:40), breast cancer screening (5:00), electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation (10:30), treatment-resistant depression (12:30), eating disorders in primary care (14:50), and appropriate use of diagnostic imaging...


 2021-01-12  23m

episode 12: December 15, 2020 AFP: American Family Physician

Lasmiditan for migraine (1:30), peripheral neuropathy (3:50), long COVID (9:00), preoperative evaluation and frailty assessment (11:50), degenerative cervical myelopathy (14:20), and an ode to 2020 (17:40).


 2020-12-28  21m

episode 11: December 1, 2020 AFP: American Family Physician

Parkinson disease (1:30), penicillin allergies (5:30), low-protein diets for chronic kidney disease (7:40), levonorgestrel intrauterine system (10:20), seasonal affective disorder (12:20), and dementia medications (14:40).


 2020-12-15  17m