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Are you looking for a new and fun way to learn American English? Come hang out with Lindsay and Michelle from Boston and New York City and have fun while you improve your English listening skills! We are an English as a Second Language (ESL) podcast for intermediate to advanced English learners around the world. We will show you how to use everyday English vocabulary and natural idioms, expressions, and phrasal verbs and how to make small talk in American English. We will also give you special tips on American culture, customs, etiquette, and how to speak with Americans as well as conversation and commentary on study tips, business English, life in America and Boston and New York, how to apply to university in the US, dating, travel, food and more. You'll get TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC help also from The Examiner of Excellence, Jessica Beck. This podcast is for adult students who are professionals and university students as well as ESL teachers. Join the community to learn to speak American English like a native! Connection NOT Perfection!

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AEE 95: Why Learning English Will Bring You Joy

Did you know that learning English will bring you joy? - It's not just about learning grammar and vocabulary. - It's an opportunity to take on a new identity and a new personality if you want to do that. - It's a chance to reinvent yourself. -


 2014-04-10  5m

AEE 94: Do I Need a Native English Teacher?

Do you need a native English teacher? - Is it OK to work with a non-native English teacher or tutor? This is a common question for many students! - Today we will explain the pros and cons of both options. -


 2014-04-09  9m

AEE 93: How to End an English Conversation in 5 Ways

Do you know how to end an English conversation? - We'll show you 5 ways to do it in today's episode. - Yesterday in our American role play conversation we talked about how you can know whether or not the invitation is real if someone says,


 2014-04-08  5m

AEE 92: American Role Play Conversation – Is the Invitation Real?

Today you'll hear a real American role play conversation! - Americans can be confusing if you aren't used to their communication style! - How do you know if someone's invitation is real or if they are just being polite? - Many times,


 2014-04-07  6m

AEE 91: Easy, Unexpected Ways to Improve Your English

Today you'll learn how to get the most results out of the smallest amount of study time. - Time is your most precious resource. - How can you use it more effectively to get the best results with your English? -


 2014-04-03  7m

AEE 90: Three Reasons Your English Language Exchange Isn’t Working

Do you have a language exchange? - Is your language exchange working as well as you thought it would? - Today you'll learn 3 ways to make your language exchange work better than it is now! -   - What is a language exchange? -


 2014-04-02  8m

AEE 89: What NOT to Do if You Don’t Understand English Conversation

Today you'll learn what NOT to say when you don't understand what someone says to you in an English conversation. - Do you ever say "what??!!" when you don't understand or when you don't hear someone? Stop saying it! - When you say "what?!


 2014-04-01  5m

AEE 88: Schedule Shock in America – When to Eat, Work, and Sleep in the US

In today's episode you will learn how to adjust to an American schedule if you are living in the US or visiting the US for business or vacation. - Do you feel like the daily schedules here in the US are quite different than the typical schedules in yo...


 2014-03-31  8m

AEE 87: How Living in a Home Stay or International House Can Help Your English

Are you currently living in an English-speaking country or planning to live in one in the future? - If so, today we have a quick tip to show you how to learn English faster. You might want to try living in a home stay or an international house to prac...


 2014-03-27  6m

AEE 86: Why You Need a Vision Board to Achieve Your English Goals

What is your vision for your life and your English goals? - In today's episode we'll tell you about a visual and artistic way to reach your English goals. - What is a vision board? A vision board is a visual representation of your goals.


 2014-03-26  5m