American Radical

Rosanne Boyland hated politics. She was shy, and she rarely left her home in Georgia. But then her family got a shocking call: Rosanne had died at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, in the middle of a crowd trying to force its way past a police line. From the depths of their grief, the Boylands vow to figure out what happened to Rosanne. Her brother-in-law, Justin Cave, reaches out to an old high school friend he hopes can help: MSNBC journalist Ayman Mohyeldin. The quest for the truth takes Ayman back to his hometown of Kennesaw, Georgia, where he retraces the last six months of Rosanne's life and picks up a trail that leads to childhood haunts, missing boyfriends, and down shadowy internet rabbit holes. American Radical is a five part series, with new episodes every Thursday and Sunday through December 19.

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Special preview: “Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra”

Rachel Maddow gives a special preview of her new podcast, “Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra.” In this eight-part original series, Rachel tells an all-but-forgotten true story of American extremism getting supercharged, connecting the dots between sitting members of Congress aiding and abetting a plot to overthrow the government and the lengths they would go to in order to cover their tracks. Listen to the first two episodes now and follow the series:


 2022-10-10  4m

Introducing: Internal Affairs

As a bonus for you, we’re sharing the trailer of Internal Affairs, an all-new original podcast series from Dateline.       A sudden moment of terror launches a frantic search for a costumed killer. Reported by Josh Mankiewicz, Internal Affairs is a story about bad choices, a fatal attraction and people who proudly wore badges at work -- while living lies at home...


 2022-09-20  2m

Introducing Dateline: Missing in America

As a bonus for you, we’re sharing the trailer of Dateline: Missing in America, an all-new original podcast series from Dateline.  Are you the key to solving a mystery? In this podcast, correspondents Josh Mankiewicz and Andrea Canning report on perplexing missing person cases brought to Dateline’s attention by our social media followers. Each episode will focus on one person’s story, as told by those left behind...


 2022-07-26  1m

Introducing: The Seduction

As a bonus for you, we’re sharing a special preview of The Seduction, a new podcast from Dateline NBC and Keith Morrison.     It’s a twisted love story that unspools like a film noir, where lust and obsession lead to murder and a classic double cross. This original series takes us into the troubled mind of a young man, and the cold heart of a woman who needed her husband dead. If only she could find someone “man enough” to do the deed...     Follow The Seduction and listen now: https://link...


 2022-06-14  3m

News from Ayman: How to Listen to The January 6th Hearings

MSNBC will be broadcasting special coverage of the January 6th Hearings this month. Good news: you can listen to the full hearings, plus the team’s analysis before and after each hearing, as podcasts. The episodes will be dropping into The Rachel Maddow Show feed. Head there now and hit “follow” so you don’t miss a moment:


 2022-06-11  0m

Special Preview – Born to Rule: When Charles is King

We’re sharing a sneak peak of Born to Rule: When Charles is King, a new original podcast from TODAY which asks (and answers) the burning questions about Prince Charles and what he might be like as King. Listen to the first two episodes and follow now:


 2022-05-30  3m

Introducing Tiffany Dover Is Dead*

As a bonus for American Radical listeners, we’re sharing a special preview of Truthers: Tiffany Dover Is Dead*, a new original podcast from NBC News about misinformation and conspiracy theories. Listen to the first two episodes and follow now:


 2022-04-18  2m

Presenting Into America: Reconstructed

This month, MSNBC’s Into America podcast is celebrating Black history through a special series called ‘Reconstructed’: a deep dive into the Reconstruction era and how its legacy continues to shape us today. Part one, ‘Birth of a Black Nation,’ tells the story of Robert Smalls: born into slavery and later elected to Congress. It’s a look at how Black Americans began to gain political power, and how the fight for full access to the franchise continues today.


 2022-02-03  6m

episode 5: Monsters and Martyrs

The investigation into January 6 grabs the spotlight on Capitol Hill. An alternative news site begins to investigate Rosanne’s death, and Lonna suddenly regrets giving them an interview. Members of Congress take up the call and ask whether Rosanne was killed by police. The search for Justin Winchell takes one last turn.


 2021-12-19  33m

episode 4: Cause of Death

Rosanne Boyland’s autopsy report and cause of death are hotly debated. Ayman speaks with friends of Rosanne and medical examiners for a closer look at her last moments.


 2021-12-16  36m