Business Unusual

The best disruptors are focused on customers, not products, they use technology rather than fear it, they create new opportunities often where regulations don't exist and they are backed by those with deep pockets and an appetite for risk. Colin Cullis presents stories of Business Unusual - those people and companies driving the next industrial revolution. The associated articles and videos are available here

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How a South African put Amazon in the cloud

You may not know Chris Pinkham, but you use the services he helped create every day.  


 2017-12-14  8m

Things we invented in 2017

No, this is not about Bell Pottinger or Donald Trump, but actual innovations that will affect us in the future.


 2017-12-06  8m

The drone and satellite could become as important as the tractor to farmers

Farming advances will add precision, both to reduce waste and costs while improving yield and being kinder to the environment. 


 2017-11-29  8m

Robots are coming! They're running, jumping and doing the backflip to get here

A robot doing a single task is not new. The kind that can do tasks on their own? That can be a bit more scary.


 2017-11-22  8m

Grass is always greener where you water it. That is the problem

We may love the sight of a manicured green lawn but, for most of South Africa, it is just not a good use of water anymore.


 2017-11-15  10m

Craft ice is a thing. And it’s coming to restaurant and bar near you

Craft beer, sure, but craft ice? The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviews Tom Steen, the man who is developing craft ice.


 2017-11-08  6m

Electricity prices getting you down? How does free sound?

Suppliers of renewable energy in Germany reduced electricity prices to zero recently.  


 2017-11-01  8m

Treat your personal data like cash (because that's what it is)

You can't be 100% safe online, but you can be safer than you are now.


 2017-10-25  7m

The chemical equation for good business

Simon Sinek argues that office chemistry mirrors our own.


 2017-10-11  9m

Where you work is getting complicated. Which do you prefer?

Home, office, open-plan, cubicle or own office. Or maybe a coffice.


 2017-10-04  10m