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CFL America Radio is where North American football is celebrated through game replays, old radio shows, and documentaries in the public domain on the history, remembrances, culture, lore, and legends of pro football in Canada, America and around the world. Additionally, every few weeks journalist Scott Adamson and armchair historian Greg James, from their 55 yard line cheap seats, sit down with authors and historians who, through their works, have given all of us a close-up look and perspective at the gridiron game we have grown up with and enjoy no matter where on the map we may call home.

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episode 7: One Horse Town

The story of America's CFL champion, the Baltimore Stallions.


 2021-05-03  14m

episode 6: The Voice of God

In 1965, Ed Sabol discovered John Facenda in a bar where when he overheard him describe some football footage playing on the screen. Facenda was then a popular local television news anchor. Impressed, Ed Sabol approached him with an offer to narrate NFL Films footage and so began an inextricable vocal-film partnership. Sabol himself described Facenda as a stentorian baritone. Facenda and Jack Whitaker, a CBS Sports television legend, worked together on Philly TV in the 1950s and 60s...


 2021-05-03  23m

episode 5: "On the Spot" - A 1953 CFL Documentary on the Edmonton Eskimos

A 1953 documentary (available at on the Edmonton Eskimos from the National Film Board of Canada with Fred Davis, and featuring Rollie Miles, Normie Kwong, coach Daryl Royal.


 2021-05-02  15m

episode 4: Engraved on a Nation- The Chuck Ealey Story

A look at the legacy and inspiring life of CFL legend Chuck Ealey. Experience the joys and the highs, the electricity and the love, the pains and the sorrows, the perseverance and fight for equality.


 2021-05-02  45m

episode 3: John Candy- True Double Blue

The award winning documentary ''True Double Blue'' that examines John Candy's passion for the Toronto Argonauts and his role in the high-profile ownership group with Wayne Gretzky and Bruce McNall.


 2021-05-02  23m

episode 2: A Love Letter to the CFL

From PBS Producer Robert Reid's Love Letter to the CFL — "Wait, is Football Canadian or American?"


 2021-05-02  32m

episode 1: From the 55 Yard Line- A Conversation With Scott Adamson

In their pilot episode, co-host Greg James discusses with fellow co-host Scott Adamson his book on professional football history in Birmingham, Alabama entitled "The Home Team: My Bromance with off Brand Football." They discuss Birmingham's teams of the WFL, USFL, WLAF, CFL, XFL and AAF, as well as the future of Canadian football.


 2021-04-21  53m

From the 55 Yard Line, the CFL America Radio Trailer

Join Scott and Greg at CFL America Radio (, and for discussions on football history and fandom in North America and all around the world...


 2021-04-21  1m

This Is Our League...

To paraphrase John Facenda, professional football in Canada is a special game, a unique game ... It is a rare game. The men who play it make it so. All of them are fearless. All of them are strong, quick. And all of them are part of a story that began long ago. A story written by men who found, in the sport, a demanding measure for their own courage and ability.... This podcast is dedicated to the celebration of them, for this is our game.


 2021-04-12  4m