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What is up Kangaroos Chasers? Welcome to the podcast for international rugby league fans! Listen in each week as Michael Carbone and "The Biggest Tiger" are joined by guests from international rugby league and developing nations. This is your place for the latest news and results from the nations you did not even know played the greatest game of all.

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episode 75: 75. Getting serious in Kenya

This week we are joined by Nyakwaka “Quix” Adhere, the founder of the Kenyan Rugby League Federation, and Edward Rombo, one of the first Kenyan born rugby league stars to play in the UK and new Kenyan Rugby League National Coach...


 2020-07-07  1h5m

episode 76: 76. The Bombers drop in

This week we are joined by Nicholas Livermore, the CEO of the Brisbane Bombers. We ask Nick about the history of the bid, the experience the club are trying to create, why he thinks his bid is the best option for the NRL’s next club, and would he consider changing the name “bombers”? Plus Carbs and Big T bring you Golden Points from around the world, and PNG Hunters coach Matt Church stops by the wrap up round 2 of the Digicel Cup...


 2020-07-14  1h10m

episode 77: Digicel Cup Wrap - Round 3

Before this weeks episode of Chasing Kangaroo here's a wrap up of the latest round of the PNG Digicel Cup from PNG Hunters coach Matt Church. 


 2020-07-20  4m

episode 77: 77. We need to talk about Toronto

Chasing Kangaroos - An international rugby league podcast

Episode 77: We need to talk about Toronto

After hearing the news that the Wolfpack have withdrawn from the remainder of the 2020 Super League and Challenge Cup competitions, Carbs takes a moment to reflect on what happened and asks some big questions moving forward...


 2020-07-21  24m

episode 78: Digicel Cup Wrap - Round 4

PNG Hunters coach Matt Church is back this week to give all of your Kangaroo Chasers a wrap up of round 4 of the Digicel Cup.


 2020-07-28  4m

episode 78: 78. Chasing Jillaroos

Chasing Kangaroos - An international rugby league podcast

Episode 78: Chasing Jillaroos

The expert of Pacific Rugby League and Director of Power Meri, Joanna Lester joins Carbs as co-host for a special podcast highlighting some of the women who are helping #GrowRugbyLeague around the world...


 2020-07-28  1h8m

episode 79: Digicel Cup Wrap - Round 5A

PNG Hunters Coach Matt Church is back for a review on the latest (half) round of the Digicel Cup competition. 


 2020-08-04  3m

episode 79: 79. Chile Futbol a 13

Our guest this week is Chile Weichafes national Head Coach, Rodrigo Millar. We learn about the birth of the Futbol a 13 domestic activity, the Chilean experience at the 2018 America’s Championship, and the future of Rugby League in the highest ranked men’s South American nation. --- Chasing Kangaroos is an international rugby league podcast for fans who are passionate about seeing the greatest game of all played in more places...


 2020-08-05  59m

episode 80: Digicel Cup Wrap - Round 5B

The Covid effect split round 5 is complete and PNG Hunters Coach Matt CHurch is back with his fast weekly update on the PNG domestic scene.  


 2020-08-11  4m

episode 80: 80. Marketing Tips for Growing Rugby League

What’s up Kangaroo Chasers?

This week’s pod is a little different. Carbs is joined by Sara Piper, Digital Consultant for International Rugby League, and Matt Haines, unofficial jersey designer of the growing rugby league nations. The trio discuss the importance of marketing, branding tips for the greatest game of all and much more.

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 2020-08-11  47m