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episode 339: Episode 339: Love Hz (A Valentine's Day Special)

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we thought it was high time to explore the dumber side of love. Throughout history, men have been writing songs about love in a quest to continually pitch their woo, but sometimes - pretty much every time - it just comes out wrong...


 2018-02-12  1h13m

episode 340: Episode 340: See You Around - I'm With Her

All it took was an off-the-cuff show back in 2014, and the trio of Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz, and Aoife O'Donovan knew they had something special. Formalizing this new union under the name I'm With Her, the three powerhouses have spent the past few years sporadically touring the group around, releasing an EP, and now they are releasing their much-anticipated debut full-length, See You Around...


 2018-02-15  50m

episode 341: Episode 341: Pablo Honey - Radiohead [Discologist]

Every great band starts somewhere and for Radiohead, their introduction to the world was the biggest hit of their career wrapped in an album of loud, forward-thinking, guitar rock.

And for some reason their fans hate it. 

We're holding court to defend this classic album and show why it's not just so much more than "Creep", it's one of the best albums of their career...


 2018-02-19  1h14m

episode 342: Episode 342: The Optimist - Ryan Porter

Eight years ago, before To Pimp A Butterfly, before The Epic, the West Coast Get Down was a rising force in the Los Angelas jazz scene...who recorded their epic work in Kamasi Washington's garage.

On The Optimist, WCGD trombonist Ryan Porter is unleashing some of the group's early work as scrappy young jazz savants and in the process revealing the heart of what drives its member's dominance of the music world to this day. Bandcamp's Marcus J. Moore joins Kevin and Marcus K...


 2018-02-22  58m

episode 343: Episode 343: The Sounds of Washington, DC, Part 2 - Chocolate City

Known to most of the world as a political playground, Washington, D.C. is a city where decisions that shape the course of, not just American, but HUMAN history, are made every day. More than that though, D.C. is a city where cultures collide resulting in a creative class that produces some of the most compelling and diverse art in the world. Built on the legacy of jazz and go-go, D.C. is on the cusp of a creative explosion and bringing everything from hip-hop to indie rock into the fold...


 2018-02-26  1h58m

episode 344: Episode 344: Art vs Artist

R. Kelly. Michael Jackson. Woody Allen. Kanye West. Roman Polanski. Chris Brown. Harvey Weinstein. These and many more artists and entertainment luminaries have all reached the peak of and continue to enjoy great success despite being, in some cases, general a-holes, and in many, guilty of acting on, the worst impulses humanity has to offer...


 2018-03-01  1h40m

episode 345: Episode 345: Historian - Lucy Dacus

Lucy Dacus's debut album No Burden announced the Richmond, Virginia native to the world as a musical force to be reckoned with.

On her sophomore effort, Historian, Lucy and her band haven't just lived up to that expectation, they've created a modern classic. 

That's it. That's the pitch. Go listen to the album NOW, then come back to hear Kevin and Eduardo gush.



 2018-03-05  59m

episode 346: Episode 346: Are You Gonna Go My Way - Lenny Kravitz [Discologist]

In 1993 Lenny Kravitz was a star to some, and a point of confusion to many more. But none of that kept him from creating his future-forward masterpiece that plays as hot today as it did twenty-five years ago.

Timothy Anne Burnside (NMAAHC) and Marcus K...


 2018-03-08  1h33m

episode 347: Episode 347: By The Way I Forgive You - Brandi Carlile

On her latest LP, Brandi Carlile isn't so much returning to her roots as she is challenging the idea of what folk and Americana can be, and maybe should become. Sonically and stylistically diverse, the Dave Cobb produced By The Way, I Forgive You is a seemingly unconnected collection of songs that, taken together, packs an emotional wallop unlike anything in Carlile's career...


 2018-03-12  56m

episode 348: Episode 348: What A Time To Be Alive - Superchunk

What happens when one of the most revered indie-rock bands of all time gets fed up with the state of the world around them? On What A Time To Be Alive, Superchunk answers that question the only way they know how: with shrieking guitars, wit, and fury. On our latest episode, musician/photog/cat dad PJ Sykes is joining Kevin via teh interwebs to dive into this minor masterpiece of righteous outrage that may just save us all...


 2018-03-15  51m