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Matt shows off his Simpsons skills - Dec 17th

What's your top app? The Simpsons hit a major milestone. Crystal needs a mouth guard. Mindblowing fact thanks to reddit. 


 2019-12-17  25m

Crystal has arrived - Dec 16th

Luke Combs has so very popular shoes. Your most misheard lyrics thanks to "four calling birds." Crystal has quite the dilemma on her hands. We get to know Crystal thanks to this or that. 


 2019-12-16  24m

Jacks last rap - Dec 13th

Holidays mean it's time to spoil yourself. Are Christmas bonuses still a thing? Free style Friday wows once again, We say goodbye to Jack on her last day before mat leave. 


 2019-12-13  19m

Chris doesn't let his wife take him anywhere new - Dec 12th

Christmas time is nut time. CISN LOVE COURT: Chris will never go to new restaurants, and his wife is happy about it. Lingerie is causing all kinds of Xmas drama. Jack is worried that her doctor might think she smells.  


 2019-12-12  21m

Snooty wiper blade people - Dec 11th

Time to plan for that holiday weight. WEIRD OR WHAT? Pulling up your wiper blades & brushing you teeth in the shower. Everyone is geared up for Jack's baby. 


 2019-12-11  20m

Let the man have his lights! - Nov 28th

Ladies love the shower. Happy American Thanksgiving! What do you love about the states that we can't get in Canada? CISN LOVE COURT: Unhappy wife hates hubby's lights. 


 2019-11-28  17m

Car seats on planes? - Nov 27th

Have you given a girt with yourself in mind? WEIRD OR WHAT? car seats on planes & enjoying being stuck in traffic. Oilers anthem singer might be free for your next event. 


 2019-11-27  24m

Dogs are weird - Nov 26th

Close your eyes, kissers. Who's your angry friend? Chris has another strange dinner. What makes your dog strange?


 2019-11-26  24m

Bad gifts and badder Santa - Nov 25th

Are you an average wedding go'er? How should Chris ruin his White Elephant gift exchange. Sangita from ET Canada gives us the low down on Keith Urban at the Grey Cup. Bad gifts everywhere.  


 2019-11-25  20m

Think you could beat up your dad? - Nov 22nd

Spruce up the house this holiday season with some paint. Celebrity falls from grace. We hear how awful vasectomy reversals are. CONFRONTATION CORNER: The quiet guy at the sports party. Freestyle Friday strikes again. 


 2019-11-22  30m