Coaster Bot Rambles

The rambles of theme park enthusiast Harry, and novice in all things roller coaster Zoe.

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Sarah Anderson Rambles - I died on Space Mountain

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe are joined by Sarah Anderson and returning guest Taylor Bybee of Coaster Studios to ramble about theme parks and talk about how she became an enthusiast.


 2021-02-19  n/a

Minisode 42 - Our top 10s

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe ramble about their top 10 roller coasters.


 2021-02-05  n/a

50 - Launch or GCI

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe ramble about what they would do with it if they owned Gardaland in Italy and discuss your own opinions.


 2021-01-29  n/a

Minisode 41 - Intensity

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe ramble about roller coaster intensity and discuss how important you think intensisty is for a ride.


 2021-01-22  n/a

49 - More boat than roller coaster

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe ramble about the manufacturer Mack and discuss the history of their rides.


 2021-01-15  n/a

Minisode 40 - The 2021 Season

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe speculate about the 2021 theme park season and how Covid-19 might affect parks this year.


 2021-01-08  19m

48 - We're still stuck in 2020

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe answer some of your random questions about rollercoasters and theme parks.


 2021-01-01  39m

47 - What, you think I know?

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe battle it out in the podcast's fourth quiz. Will Zoe win this time?


 2020-12-18  46m

Minisode 39 - 2020 Vote Coasters Results Reactions

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe ramble about the 2020 results of Vote Coasters and discuss how you reacted to the results.


 2020-12-11  33m

46 - How to become a coaster enthusiast

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe ramble about how to become a roller coaster enthusiast, and discuss your tips and advice.


 2020-12-04  40m