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Learn French in coffee-break lessons from the Radio Lingua Network. In each lesson we'll focus on the language you need to know and before long you'll be making yourself understood with native French speakers. Season 1 lessons are for absolute beginners, and the courses increase in difficulty as the seasons progress. 386357 See for privacy and opt-out information.

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episode 20: CBF 3:20 | Review of lessons 1-19

This week we’re testing you on what you’ve learned in the first twenty episodes of season 3. We’re providing you with a series of sentences in English to translate into French, and you’ll be encouraged to think of the grammatical constructions and voca...


 2011-04-25  19m

episode 21: CBF 3:21 | The subjunctive and idiomatic expressions

In this week's lesson we’ll be hearing from Alf, one of our three students learning French in Nice. Alf will be telling us about a chance meeting he had with his neighbour and his new interest in the game of pétanque, French boules. Please note th...


 2011-05-23  16m

episode 22: CBF 3:22 | Focus on the subjunctive and idiomatic expressions

In this week's episode of Coffee Break French we hear about Veronica’s exciting weekend at the Monaco Grand Prix. We’ll be hearing about the party she attended at the house of one of her clients. We will be hearing more examples of the subjunctive...


 2011-06-01  18m

episode 23: CBF 3:23 | Adjectives and idiomatic expressions

Today's episode is the first of two lessons which focus on Alf’s latest text which has lots of interesting language points to discuss. Alf has been attending cookery lessons in Nice and he reports back on this in this week’s episode. Language poin...


 2011-06-10  14m

episode 24: CBF 3:24 | Idiomatic expressions and focus on tenses

In this week’s lesson we’ll continue with Alf’s text from last week. There are some fantastic examples of preceding direct objects in this week’s show, and you’ll have the opportunity to practise ne … rien and ne … que. Please note that lesson 24 of Se...


 2011-06-18  15m

episode 24: CBF 324 Free Bonus: Extended version

This week we’re offering a special treat for our free subscribers: the extended version of our lessons is normally only available to subscribers, but this week we’re giving this extended version away free to our non-members to let you know what you’re ...


 2011-06-18  32m

episode 25: CBF 3:25 | Focus on the conditional and idiomatic expressions

This week on Coffee Break French Veronica is feeling a bit down in the dumps: elle a le bourdon ce soir! She has been doing some thinking about her future and the fact that she is accro au travail – addicted to her work. This episode provides lots of e...


 2011-07-02  14m

episode 26: CBF 3:26 | Focus on the subjunctive and idiomatic expressions

We return to Alf’s story this week on Coffee Break French and his wife, Jennifer, has finally arrived in France. Alf has been preparing for her arrival, both with the house renovations and he’s even learned to cook! As usual there are plenty of useful ...


 2011-07-10  13m

episode 27: CBF 3:27 | Focus on the subjunctive and useful idiomatic phrases

In this week's episode we're looking at the first part of Katie’s latest text in which she updates us on what’s she’s been getting up to in Nice. In this episode we’ll be looking at a variety of grammatical topics including the relative prono...


 2011-08-21  15m

episode 28: CBF 3:28 | Idiomatic expressions and grammar review

This week's lesson offers an analysis of the second part of Katie’s latest text. As usual, we’ll be covering a range of expressions and grammar points. The free version of this lesson includes the recording of Katie’s text along with explanations ...


 2011-08-31  17m