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The Cooper & Anthony Show podcast brings you the advice on the complex topics of sex and relationships you’ve been searching for.  Hosts Dr. Cooper Lawrence, a developmental psychologist and veteran Radio Personality Anthony Michaels, will tell us what we may not want to hear, but need to hear when it comes to the navigating the shifting sands of sex and relationship.  With a vulnerable, honest, and self-deprecating take on these issues, The Cooper & Anthony Show is sure to become one of your "must listen to” podcasts.    Visit their site: Tune into The Cooper & Anthony Show weeknights on:  96K Rock/Fort Myers - 98.7 The Shark/Tampa - X107.5 Xtreme Radio/Las Vegas -

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episode 92: You're A Dumb Ass 11/18

You're a dumb ass, with a lady who can't turn off the light, and someone in Brooklyn has a flame thrower!  More at


 November 19, 2020  3m

episode 93: A Test You Don't Have To Study For

Cooper took a test today, that she didn't have to study for, but, she really hopes she passes.  More at


 November 19, 2020  7m

episode 94: It Pays To Be George Clooney's Friend

George Clooney and his male pals enjoy hanging out in each other’s company, and they call themselves ‘The Boys’.  You might expect a little more on the creativity front, but George definitely doesn’t come up short on the generosity front.  We already know that in 2013, Clooney invited 14 of his closest friends to his house for dinner, and gave each of them $1 million in cash.  More at


 November 19, 2020  7m

episode 95: Best Times to Hit Grocery Stores, Restaurants, and Parks According to Google

Google studied the past nine months of Google Maps data to find the times when places are the most and least crowded.  Grocery stores are least crowded on Monday mornings . . . restaurants are least crowded on Tuesday afternoons . . . and parks are least crowded on weekday mornings.  More at


 November 20, 2020  4m

episode 96: You Might Be A Dominatrix

Cooper may know a little too much about being a Dominatrix.  More at


 November 20, 2020  10m

episode 97: Parts Of The News Are Confusing

One person dies from COVID-19 every 17 seconds in Europe, WHO warns." That guy must have more lives than a cat.  More at


 November 20, 2020  5m

episode 98: Thanksgiving Google

The most Googled things during Thanksgiving.  Like, Alaska, their #1 most Googled thing was "Divorce Lawyers" More at


 November 21, 2020  5m

episode 99: Walmart Line Etiquette

What is the Walmart Line Etiquette when your coupon doesn't work?  Do you hold up the whole lane, or just forget about it?  More at www.CooperandAnthony,com


 November 23, 2020  9m