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Clearing up misinformation about Kemba Walker and the Celtics + Why the Mavericks are a better option

The rumors are that Kemba Walker is signing with the Boston Celtics. There are several good reasons why he should. HOWEVER, there is a lot of wrong information being put out there. We're about the clear the record and show why the Dallas Mavericks are the better option for Kemba.

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 2019-06-29  50m

Live Reaction to Luka Doncic Winning Rookie of the Year + Are the Mavs REALLY Getting a Meeting With Kawhi Leonard?

Hear our live reactions to Luka Doncic winning Rookie of the Year and why it was an obvious choice. We also get into the Al Horford to Dallas rumors and debate whether or not the Mavericks should even bother meeting with Kawhi Leonard.

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 2019-06-25  36m

This changes EVERYTHING...maybe. How does the Anthony Davis trade impact the Dallas Mavericks? No Kemba Walker?

A lot has happened over the past few weeks that drastically changes the free agency landscape. How does all of this affect the Mavericks? Does the Anthony Davis trade mean no Kemba Walker for the Mavs? Do the Golden State Warriors' injuries mean the West is wide open? If Kyrie signs with the Nets, should the Mavs go after D'Angelo Russell?

There's a lot to unpack...


 2019-06-17  31m

Free Agent Rumors, Predicting the Mavs Starting Lineup, and Reliving the Game 2 Comeback of the 2011 Finals

Free Agency is just one month away and there are still plenty of rumors. Will the Dallas Mavericks get Kemba Walker? What do his recent comments say about his future in Charlotte? Do the Mavs really want Jimmy Butler and everything the comes with him? We'll run through the latest Dallas Mavericks free agency rumors and try to predict the Mavericks starting lineup for next year...


 2019-06-03  53m

Jimmy Butler signing with the Mavericks? Reddit says yes. Here's proof it could happen.

A Reddit user posted evidence that supposedly proves that Jimmy Butler is signing with the Dallas Mavericks. Is the evidence solid? We dig in and go down the rabbit hole. What are the chances that Jimmy Butler becomes a Maverick? We find out.

Also, since the Rockets are willing to make trades and shake things up, could the Mavericks be suitors for Clint Capela? We discuss one way the Mavericks could become trade partners with the Rockets...


 2019-05-31  27m

Lesser-Known Free Agent Targets that Could Have a Huge Impact for the Mavericks

These are free agents that you might not have thought about who could have a HUGE impact on the Mavericks.

The odds of getting a guy like Klay Thompson or Kevin Durant are slim to none. Even if they wiff on guys like Kemba Walker, there are still some lesser-known free agents that could really help the Mavs. Guys like Malcolm Brogdan, Bojan Bogdanovic, and Patrick Beverley would be a perfect fit here...


 2019-05-29  44m

We take a DEEEP dive into the Mavs' new players and find out if Kristaps Porzingis really is a jerk

Who are the Mavs' new players? We take a deep dive into Kristaps Porzingis, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Courtney Lee. We discuss their strengths and weaknesses, how they'll help the Dallas Mavericks, and how they might be used. We also discuss these rumors that Kristaps Porzingis is a jerk and get info straight from Latvian fans.

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 2019-02-03  1h3m

Luka Donic isn't an All-Star but it's ok because the Dallas Mavericks traded for Kristaps Porzingis

The NBA All-Star reserves were announced today and Luka Doncic did not make the team. Disappointing, but it's ok because the Dallas Mavericks acquired Kristaps Porzingis for Dennis Smith Jr., Wesley Matthews, and DeAndre Jordan. We talk the trade, share our thoughts on the Mavs future, and discuss why Luka should have been an All-Star.

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 2019-02-01  41m

Ep. 5: Luka makes history & Dennis Smith has been killing it since he returned...but is it enough?

Topics: Luka Doncic is now the youngest player to have multiple triple-doubles. Will he make it to the All-Star Game? Dennis Smith Jr. has increased his output since returning from his "hiatus". Does that change the way we feel about him? Will he still be traded? The drama seems to be over and exciting things are on the horizon for the Mavericks, but there are still some lingering concerns. *ahem*Matthews and Barnes*ahem*


 2019-01-28  32m

Episode 4: Dennis Smith Jr returns but we're still looking at Mavericks trades and free agency

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  • Dennis Smith Returns to the Mavs

We share our opinions on Smith's behavior and our thoughts on whether or not he's still on the trading block

  • Luka Doncic

He finally got his triple-double!! And he's (probably) going to be an All-Star...


 2019-01-22  48m