Dark Ambient 2.0

A 60 minute Dark Ambient trip. Drones and sounds that go bump in the night. Originally was the Dark Ambient podcast by Jim Butler. Now better ....


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Deep Energy 42 - A Calm Evening



 May 11, 2014  56m

Deep Energy 41 - Music for Yoga Flow and Meditation

This podcast is made up of rehersals for my live show that I do at a the Yoga Studio in Keene, NH. This was done in one take with a looper. I hope you enjoy it.   To find out more about me and my music please go to www.jimbutlermusic.com or you can...


 March 30, 2014  55m

Deep Energy 40 - The Passing

Enjoy - www.jimbutlermusic.com


 January 28, 2014  1h0m

Deep Energy 39 - A Winter Meditation

Hi Everyone, Happy Holidays to all....It's cold here in the northeast with snow, so I decided to create a podcast which FEELS cold. I hope you enjoy it. Please remember to go to my website www.jimbutlermusic.com and check out all of the free and paid...


 December 15, 2013  59m

 November 3, 2013  59m

Deep Energy # 37 - Voyager 1

Hi everyone, welcome to Deep Energy Podcast # 37 ‘Voyager 1’    My inspiration for the music for this podcast was the news that the Voyager 1 had gone interstellar, and how it is just traveling in space forever.    What I wanted to convey in the music...


 September 22, 2013  1h6m

Deep Energy # 36 - A View of Heaven

Jim Butler Deep Energy Podcast #36 A View of Heaven   You can find out more about me and my music at www.jimbutlermusic.com.   On my website you can find links to all of the past podcast, links for my pages at You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and...


 August 10, 2013  1h0m

Deep Energy 35 - an early morning drone

Hi everyone.. Hope you enjoy this months podcast.    To find out more about me and my music, please go to www.jimbutlermusic.com or if you want to say hi, please E-Mail me at jimbutlermusic@gmail.com Thanks and Peace Jim       


 June 2, 2013  1h0m

Deep Energy #34 - an evening in april

Hi Everyone,  Just some synth parts mixed in with some peeper sounds i recorded a few weeks ago. The bonus material is just 60 minutes of the peepers, with no music. The Bonus material can be found on my app.   The links to the app and everything else...


 May 2, 2013  1h0m

Deep Energy 33 - Into the Sublime

Hi everyone,  Welcome to Deep Energy 33 ‘Into the Sublime’.  If this is your first time listening to the podcast, how it works is that there is 60 minutes of uninterrupted New Age/Ambient music. This month’s podcast is a quiet, sublime trip into the...


 March 29, 2013  1h0m