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episode 13: Will the U.S. Ever Give Up Its Nukes?

Beatrice Fihn and William J. Perry join Mehdi Hasan to discuss America’s nuclear arsenal.


 2018-06-15  30m

episode 12: Elizabeth Warren v. the District of Corruption

Sen. Elizabeth Warren joins Mehdi Hasan in an exclusive interview to discuss her proposed anti-corruption legislation.


 2018-06-08  29m

episode 11: The War on Immigrants

Democratic representative Pramila Jayapal joins Mehdi Hasan to discuss the unprecedented danger that the Trump administration poses to immigrants.


 2018-06-01  29m

episode 10: Edward Snowden on Privacy in the Age of Trump and Facebook

The NSA whistleblower discusses surveillance, tools that can help protect people’s privacy, and the likelihood of a Trump-Putin deal to extradite him.


 2018-05-25  22m

episode 9: How The Trumps Screwed Palestine

Two Palestinian women discuss the history of Jerusalem and the prospects for peace.


 2018-05-18  29m

episode 8: Is Trump Trying to Start a War with Iran?

Donald Trump violated the Iran nuclear deal this week. Are we one step closer to war?


 2018-05-11  29m

episode 7: Will the Media Ever Stand Up to Trump? (with Judd Apatow)

Hollywood director and producer Judd Apatow discusses the media’s cozy relationship with politicians


 2018-05-04  29m

episode 6: The Killing Fields of Gaza

Israeli activists speak out on the occupation of Gaza


 2018-04-27  28m

episode 5: How Bad Is The News? (With Hasan Minhaj)

The Daily Show correspondent talks comedy and free speech in the Trump era.


 2018-04-20  27m

episode 4: Is Trump About To Start An Illegal War With Syria?

The war in Syria has seen seven long years of bloodshed, terror, and foreign interventions. And now, once again, the alleged use of chemical weapons has prompted president Donald Trump to threaten bombing the Assad regime. But on what authority, and with what plan? This week on Deconstructed, Mehdi Hasan speaks to Rep. Barbara Lee, one of the most consistent voices against U.S. military interventions on Capitol Hill...


 2018-04-13  26m