Deep Cover: The Real Donnie Brasco

Johnny Depp might have played Donnie Brasco in the Academy Award-nominated film, but the real-life hero is Joe Pistone. Pistone came up on the mean streets of Patterson, New Jersey before going deep undercover and spending six years inside the Bonanno and Columbo crime families. In the new podcast “Deep Cover-The Real Donnie Brasco,” Joe Pistone shares the true stories of his time with The Mob to his friend, and our host, actor Leo Rossi. If you loved the Sopranos--“Fuhggedaboutit”--this is The Real Donnie Brasco.


episode 10: Joe Pistone Returns to the FBI

Just when we thought Joe was done with the FBI he decides to give it another shot. But before he can be reinstated he must go through what all rookies go through- training at the FBI Academy. He talks with Leo about his decision to go back to the bureau and the training process that he had to go through to once again become Special Agent Joe Pistone.


 2021-06-30  36m

episode 11: Examining The Criminal Mind with Dr. Frank

Go inside the mind of a criminal. This week Joe and Leo are joined by criminal psychiatrist and Joe’s old colleague, Dr. Frank, to take a deep dive into how the mind of a killer works. Listen as they talk about the differences between the mentality of a mafioso and a serial killer, as well as Dr. Frank’s history working with Joe in the FBI.  00:00:00 - Intro  00:02:54 - Dr...


 2021-07-14  53m

episode 12: The French (Canadian) Connection ft. Eric from Canada

This week we’re getting a visit from Joe’s friend from the north, Eric from Montreal Canada. As a former detective with the Montreal Police Department, Eric has a resume as long as the rap sheets of some of the criminals he put away. The two former colleagues share with Leo about the cases they worked together, and about the connection the mafia had between the states and our neighbors from the north...


 2021-07-21  37m

episode 13: Season 2 Finale: More Listener Questions!

In the season 2 finale, producer Matty joins Joe and Leo to ask another round of questions submitted by you, the listeners! Thank you for listening to Deep Cover: The Real Donnie Brasco and be sure to follow us on social media for updates on season 3! 00:00:00 - Intro  00:06:52 - Fan Questions Follow us on social media: Deep Cover (@twitter) (@instagram) (@facebook)  Jam Street Media (@twitter) (@instagram) (@facebook)  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


 2021-07-28  41m