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Each week on Defining Marriage, hosts Matt Baume and James Morris chat about what's happening with marriage equality, featuring frequent digressions into pop culture, silly banter, and the jokes and quibbles that have kept them together as a couple for over a decade. The first eighteen episodes of the podcast contain the complete audiobook version of the book Defining Marriage, which traces the decades-long evolution of marriage through the personal stories of those who lived through it, featuring personal insights from the lives of Evan Wolfson, Dan Savage, Ken Mehlman, Dustin Lance Black, and many more.

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Chapter 8: You’d Think They Had Won

Mike had a secret plan for winning marriage in CA. Step one: losing marriage.


 2015-09-14  57m

Chapter 7: There’s No Marriage Without Engagement

Molly and Mark were part of a small, scrappy group who had nothing in their arsenal but a few bucks and some dreams. But before long, they were joined by a groundswell of grassroots support.


 2015-09-07  46m

Chapter 6: I Was Just Tired of Running Away From Myself

This week's Defining Marriage: the story of the worst marriage ban in American history, and the lesbian who wrote it.


 2015-08-31  38m

Chapter 5: I Just Wanted to Love Somebody as Much as I Could

At first, Genora was terrified to be an activist — she had everything to lose if she went public with her fight for equality. But sometimes love makes you do strange things.


 2015-08-24  39m

Chapter 4: Not the Marrying Kind

Andrew Sullivan recalls how he called for marriage equality in the 1980s, and how that wound up earning him some unexpected enemies.


 2015-08-17  52m

Chapter 3: Know Who Your Enemies Are

In the days when few gays were brave enough to be open, Dan Savage shares his memories of bursting out of the closet in the 1970s, and Fred Karger remembers being a secret gay Republican.


 2015-08-10  49m

Chapter 2: To be Let in, not Just Left Alone

This week’s Defining Marriage: the heroes who stood up for equality in the 70s -- and paid a price.


 2015-08-03  53m

Chapter 1: Imperfect Man

Traveling to Washington DC, I’m caught in dueling marriage protests at the Supreme Court, and find evidence of historic gay marriages hidden away in an archive.


 2015-07-27  1h11m

Defining Marriage Introduction

Welcome to the Defining Marriage podcast. You'll get one chapter every week of my book, Defining Marriage: Voices from a Forty-Year Labor of Love.


 2015-07-20  18m