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episode 6: DJ Stormy ATL: The New Digital Storm in Millennial Entertainment

Some people are dealt with life cards only they can play out and win. The journey of DJ Stormy ATL is not for the lighthearted, but her life purpose is changing lives and inspiring future Millennial leaders to never stop or settle. Hey Siri, play the DIGITAL MOGUL Podcast


 2020-09-01  27m

episode 4: Omari White: Infusing raw energy & inspiring Millennial Black Hollywood

Omari White is a bonafide self-made Millennial hustler on all levels. Managing risk versus reward is a game of chess, and only people built for real success understand how to win at this level. Omari White reflects the true definition of #BLACKEXCELLENCE amongst young black executives. Few people can stare into the mirror of the unknown and visualize their path of greatness. 


 2020-08-29  24m

episode 104: The Wolf has Spoken

Cheating is not cheating is a guide to helping women understand the nature of a man as well as helping men understand the nature of themselves. With this book, it is in my intention to provide a solution to common relationship problems through teaching healing, and providing readers with an understanding of themself and their spouse. STOP! Before you even begin to read this book, there are a few things I want to establish right here! This is not a book on equality or human rights...


 2020-08-22  26m

episode 102: Venus Rose: Reflecting Greatness powered by Human Evolution

 The price of success is incalculable on every level and taxes people’s souls beyond normal. The fear of failure suffocates people’s mentality, which paralyzes future moves. The distance between a person’s dreams and reality relies upon their self-endurance.  Understanding limitations, facing uncomfortable fears, and challenging oneself without an audience requires a rare breed of individual.  

Venus Rose does not think, drink, act, eat, or view the world as an average person...


 2020-08-20  23m

episode 102: AFRESH CULTURE: Streetwear Dipped in Faith

Afresh means new. Start over. Begin again. I am starting new with this. Our faith has to always be afreshed daily. It's like a cultural thing...THATS IT! Afresh Culture!! There it is! Afresh Culture Clothing Co..So now, here I am, dope clothing line, with some dope t-shirts, hats and hoodies. I'm ready to stand beside those same companies that I was intimidated by.

SHOP here:


 2020-08-16  36m

episode 101: CEO DIONNE ELLISON unlocking the power of VULIWEAR eyewear

Vuliwear® is a unique brand of designer sunglasses inspired by nature. The awesome colors and patterns of insect eyes may not be inspirational for most, but once you see their honeycomb compound eyes magnified it’s hard to deny the beauty...


 2020-08-16  23m