Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

Best-selling author Whitney Johnson (“Disrupt Yourself”) explores her passion for personal disruption through engaging conversations with disruptors. Each episode of this podcast reveals new insights about how we work, learn, and live.


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episode 339: 339 Hal Hershfield: Learning To Love The Person You'll Become

Who were you ten years ago? How did that person think? How did they see the world? And what about today? How have those things changed? How would you feel if you passed that person on the street tomorrow? Would you recognize them? Now instead of who...


 2023-09-19  41m

episode 338: 338 Matt Abrahams: What To Say When You’re Put On The Spot

Isn’t it frustrating when you just can’t say what you want to say? You have all the words ready in your head, you’ve practiced what you’re going to say, but you… just… can’t? It’s frustrating in part because it seems like we’re...


 2023-09-12  43m

episode 337: 337 Gail Miller: Phi·lan·thro·py, Noun

To give to another is to give up something you have. It’s the basis of the world philanthropy, “phila,” meaning love for one another. Two episodes ago we talked with Alan Mulally, about how that kind of love isn’t wired anywhere in our brains....


 2023-09-05  44m

episode 336: 336 Chris Duffey: Augmented Intelligence

With ChatGPT now released in a usable format, the world’s been abuzz with the potentials – and pitfalls – of artificial intelligence.  Our guest today says that the word – artificial intelligence – is misleading. Artificial anything,...


 2023-08-29  42m

episode 335: 335 Jayshree Seth: Active Advocacy, Or, Say Yes To The S!

What does it mean to advocate for something? We all know what it’s like to give a nervous presentation. But to adjust the question a bit – what does it mean to advocate for someONE? Specifically, yourself? Joining us today is Jayshree Seth,...


 2023-08-22  46m

episode 334: 334 Alan Mulally: Love Them Up

Today, we’ve got a special episode, one of my personal heroes––Alan Mulally. You’ve probably sat in a Boeing 777 before. He was the chief engineer on that plane. You might have a Ford sitting out in your driveway. He’s the reason Ford was...


 2023-08-15  50m

episode 333: 333 Sam Horn: Ask A Librarian

Attention is the real currency of all advertising. It’s how many seconds they can keep your eyes glued on whatever billboard or TV ad is in front of you at that moment. And then there’s the science of why exactly it caught your attention, in the...


 2023-08-08  51m

episode 332: 332 Jaime Leverton: Cryptography in Action

For almost as long as humans have been using coins and dollars to trade and grow, we’ve also been using them as weapons.  It’s almost a magical thing, one thing that can be traded for anything you want. And the people in charge of that...


 2023-08-01  56m

episode 331: 331 David Burkus: Trust, Risk and Respect

We form teams every day. Boarding a plane, figuring out the best place for overhead bags. On the highway, we form impromptu caravans to squeeze through traffic. There are the more formal teams, too, the ones we occupy at work or at home. We’re all...


 2023-07-25  51m

episode 330: 330 Shade Zahrai: Your Opinion Of Yourself

Were we born with our instincts, or were they imprinted on us as at an early age? How do turtles know to lay their eggs in the exact spot they themselves were hatched? It's part of a field called evolutionary psychology -- evolving in ways that...


 2023-07-18  57m