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408: Joseph Moran: Playstation Showcase, Insomniac Wolverine, Spider-Man 2, God of War Ragnarok, Forspoken, F.I.S.T. Forged in Shadow Torch, Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut, The Artful Escape; Sonic Colors Ultimate

Jeff and Christian welcome Joseph Moran from The Trophy Room: A Playstation Podcast to the show this week to discuss the big Playstation Showcase, including all the biggest reveals. The Playlist: F.I.S.T. Forged in Shadow Torch, Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut Song of Iron, The Artful Escape, Sonic Colors Ultimate, The Big Con, Dice Legacy Parting Gifts!



407: Michele Morrow: Marvel's Midnight Suns, Horizon Forbidden West, $200 million PS5 games, Pokemon Unite, Mario Kart Live Home Circuit, Samsung Odyssey Neo G9, WoW Shadowlands

With Christian away, Jeff and Lana Bachynski welcome Michele Morrow from Good Game to the show this week to discuss the gameplay reveal for Midnight Suns from Firaxis, Sean Layden's new studio, the numerous collectors editions for Horizon Forbidden West, and more! The Playlist: WoW: Shadowlands, Pokemon Unite, Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor, Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Parting Gifts!



406: Karak: Gamescom ONL, Marvel's Midnight Suns, Halo Infinite, DokeV, Midnight Fight Express, Psychonauts 2, Riders Republic, Aliens Fireteam Elite,

Jeff and Christian welcome ACG's own Karak, Jeremy Penter, to the show this week to discuss the Gamescom Opening Night Live announcements, game delays, Indies showcase, and more! The Playlist: Psychonauts 2, Rider’s Republic Beta, Aliens: Fireteam Elite Tabletop Time: Twilight Imperium, Heroclix, Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients Parting Gifts!



405: Rebekah Valentine: Garden Story, Humankind, 12 Minutes, Ghost of Tushima Directors Cut, Avengers War for Wakanda, Death’s Door, Call of Duty Vanguard, Black Myth: Wukong

Jeff and Christian welcome Rebekah Valentine from IGN to the show this week to discuss her article on the many ways video games can be surprisingly difficult to make, as well as news on Quakecon 2021, an Indie Dev who turned down $500,000, Call of Duty presenting Call of Duty, and more! The Playlist: Garden Story, Death’s Door, Ring Fit Adventure, Metroid Zero Mission; Ghost of Tushima Directors Cut; 12 Minutes; Avengers War for Wakanda, Humankind Parting Gifts!



404: Anthony Taormina: Rockstar GTA remakes, new Quake, Nintendo Indie World Showcase, Grime, Eldest Souls, Axiom Verge 2, Void Train, Death's Door

Jeff and Christian welcoe Anthony Taormina from Gamerant back to the show this week to discuss rumors of GTA remakes from Rockstar, more rumors of an upcoming Quake game from Machine Games, and Nintendo's latest slate of Indie titles The Playlist: Grime, Eldest Souls, Axiom Verge 2, Void Train, Death’s Door Parting Gifts!


 2021-08-16  1h39m

403: Adam Leonhardt: Back 4 Blood beta, Rocksmith+ beta, Death's Door, Neo The World Ends With You

Jeff and Christian welcome Adam Leonhardt from MegaDads back to the show for a most unusual episode, indeed. Jeff is leaving California, so without his recording equipment, he visited Christian's house in person, and the two of them recorded the show in the same room for the first time. The result is a wacky, chaotic episode unlike any other! The Playlist: Back 4 Blood beta, Rocksmith+ beta, Death's Door, Neo The World Ends With You Parting Gifts!


 2021-08-09  1h41m

402: Lana Bachynski: Blizzard-Activison walkout, Ubisoft support, Halo Infinite, Annapura's Showcase, The Ascent, Pokemon Unite, The Forgotton City

Jeff and Christian welcome Lana Bachynski to the show this week to discuss the ongoing fallout from the Blizzard-Activision lawsuit, Annapura's slate of upcoming games, Sony's plan for more PC ports, and more! The Playlist: Link's awakening, Pokemon unite, The Ascent; Halo Infinite Flight Test, Forgotton City Parting Gifts!


 2021-08-02  2h0m

401: NorthernLion: Activision-Blizzard lawsuit, EA Play Live 2021, Dead Space, Battlefield Portal, Netflix gaming, Death's Door, Pokemon Unite, Raji An Ancient Epic

Jeff and Christian welcome streamer NorthernLion, Ryan Letourneau, to the show to discuss the scathing lawsuit brought by the state of California against Activision/Blizzard, all of the announcements at EA Play Live 2021, rumors of Netflix's gaming service, and more! The Playlist: Pokemon Unite, The Binding of Isaac Repentance, Death’s Door; Breath of the Wild, Raji: An Ancient Epic Parting Gifts!


 2021-07-26  1h38m

400: Kyle Bosman: Steam Deck, Nickelodeon All Star Brawl, Zelda Skyward Sword HD, Final Fantasy XIV, Solasta Crown of the Magister, Slipways

EPISODE 400! Jeff and Christian welcome Kyle Bosman from Delayed Input to the show this week to discuss Nickelodeon's Super Smash Bros-like, Valve's Steam Deck, Microsoft's controller strategy, Hideo Kojima's take on the term Director's Cut, and more! The Playlist: Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD, Final Fantasy XIV, Solasta Crown of the Magister, Slipways, Breath of the Wild Parting Gifts!


 2021-07-19  1h33m

399: Jimmy Wong: Nintendo Switch OLED, Sony State of Play, Deathloop, Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles, Moss Book 2, Assassin's Creed Infinity, MTG, Black Skylands, Demeo, Ragna Rock

Jeff and Christian welcome Jimmy Wong from the Command Zone to the show this week to discuss Nintendo's new Switch OLED, Sony's latest State of Play, a confirmed Assassin's Creed Infinity, and more! The Playlist: Magic Arena, A Plaguetale: Innocence, Black Skylands VR Talk: Ragna Rock, Demeo Parting Gifts! BONUS CONTENT: Interview with Polyarc's Josh Stiksma and Moss Book 2


 2021-07-12  1h55m