Dungeons & Randomness: A D&D Podcast

Four groups play D&D in Theria. Their choices shape the world and each other. New to the podcast? Start with "Arc 4: Episode 1" and dive into the action!


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Episode 12

"Know who you're getting in bed with" The group has a had a rough couple of weeks since the treaty signing. A new wrinkle however, has them thinking of others and the call for adventure finally gets them heading north. Jason Massey - DM Dan Phelps...


 2013-04-29  1h55m

Mailbag Episode 2

The D&R crew answer your emails. Thanks to everyone that got them to us and thanks for listening.


 2013-04-29  1h9m

Episode 11

"Bye Meghan" A second group debuts as we kick off a new adventure.  Pigs with monocles, jelly bean bandits and she-males are all present. "Rikus" - Brian "Galford" - Tyson "Trixy" - Danielle "Tala" - Meghan "Rock" - Jay Let us know what you...


 2013-04-03  3h21m

Episode 10 Aftermath

The gang decompresses after the session and chats about what they thought of the episode. If you have feedback for us you can find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/DungeonsandRandomness OR send us an email at "DandRpodcast@gmail.com"


 2013-03-19  28m

Episode 10

"The Pact" WinterHaven and OverDale have a summit to discuss the group and what should be done with them.


 2013-03-18  3h20m

Episode 9

"OverDale days and WinterHaven Knights" The group starts to make their way north and encounters a brand new threat. Will they be able to make it to their destination alive?


 2013-03-04  4h23m

Episode 8

"Nightmares" The group pick up the morning after their fight with The Black Hand. OverDale is in flux and group makes a huge decision.


 2013-02-12  3h14m

Mailbag Episode

The gang sits down to answer your emails.


 2013-02-12  58m

Episode 7

"Paint it Black" The group mourns the loss of a friend and deal with crime in OverDale. Jason Massey - DM Dan Phelps - Rodswell JoyBottom Rob Wiesehan - Malchus Grimnas Tyler Wilson - Thoril Songsteal Justin Massey - Jahrak Ironhide Tom Rose -...


 2013-01-24  2h36m

Episode 6

"Risk and Reward" The group gets introduced to the seedy underbelly of Overdale and are propositioned by "The Black Hand". Jason Massey - DM Dan Phelps - Duncan JoyBottom Rob Wiesehan - Malchus Grimnas Tyler Wilson - Thoril Songsteal Justin Massey -...


 2013-01-24  2h39m