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True stories for English speakers learning Spanish. From the makers of Duolingo, the most popular language-learning app, comes a new podcast that delivers fascinating real-life stories in easy-to-understand Spanish with English narration. These are not language lessons; they’re life lessons through language. Hosted by Martina Castro, co-founder of NPR’s Radio Ambulante.


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Trailer Season 15

The Duolingo Spanish Podcast is back for a special season, with new episodes on June 9th. Listen to the trailer now!


 2022-06-02  1m

episode 1: Climate Heroes - Saving Food in Uruguay

A college student in Uruguay finds a way to salvage food that would otherwise be thrown away. With the help of friends, he manages to not only provide healthier food options for vulnerable communities, but also fight climate change. A transcript of...


 2022-06-09  18m

episode 2: Climate Heroes - Biking in Spain

When primary school teacher Helena Vilardell’s students told her they wanted to ride their bikes to school, she came up with the idea of the “bicibús.” It quickly took off as a movement to take back the streets, helping create a cleaner...


 2022-06-16  19m

episode 3: Climate Heroes - Preserving the Forest in Peru

When Julio Cusurichi saw loggers push deeper and deeper into the Amazon, he realized they threatened both the fragile rainforest and the traditional way of life for Indigenous communities in Peru. So he decided to make it his life's work to protect...


 2022-06-23  18m

episode 4: Climate Heroes - Marching for Change in Argentina

A young Argentinian is inspired by Greta Thunberg to create one of Argentina’s most influential environmental organizations. A transcript of this episode is available at podcast.duolingo.com.


 2022-06-30  20m

episode 5: Climate Heroes - Harvesting Rain in Mexico

Industrial designer Enrique Lomnitz wanted to use his creativity for good. When he learned that climate change was making water scarcity even worse for Mexico City’s low income residents, he tried to harness a natural resource: rain. A transcript of...


 2022-07-07  19m

episode 6: Climate Heroes - Harnessing Solar Energy in Puerto Rico

After Hurricane Maria knocked out power on Puerto Rico for months, Ada Ramona Miranda Alvarado worked to protect communities on the island against future outages, using solar power. A transcript of this episode is available at podcast.duolingo.com.


 2022-07-14  20m

episode 7: Climate Heroes - Protecting Bears in Bolivia

A Bolivian scientist sets out to study a species of bears critically endangered by drought and loss of habitat. Along the way, she shows the local community how helping the bears can protect their livelihood and the forest against climate change. A...


 2022-07-21  19m

episode 8: Climate Heroes - Building Reservoirs in Peru

When the glaciers in Ayacucho, Peru started disappearing, intense water shortages made life in the region unsustainable. Until two sisters revived the ancient practice of building sacred water reservoirs in the mountains. A transcript of this episode...


 2022-07-28  20m
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