Elucidations is an unexpected philosophy podcast produced in association with the University of Chicago. Each month, Matt Teichman sits down with a person of philosophical interest to discuss their view on a topic. Now and again, he is joined by an awesome co-host. Some of the guests are philosophy professors, some of the guests are other kinds of professors, and some of the guests are not professors. Either way, the goal is to develop a feel for how the guest’s perspective hangs together interactively. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


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episode 115: Episode 115: Katherine Ritchie discusses social groups

What's the difference between some people chosen at random and a group of people?


 2019-07-01  40m

episode 114: Episode 114: Sally Haslanger discusses ideology

What is the nature of a person's political outlook?


 2019-05-14  40m

episode 113: Episode 113: Tom Pashby discusses quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics seems like the best physical theory we have, but does it make coherent sense?


 2019-04-08  35m

episode 112: Episode 112: Myisha Cherry discusses the skill of conversation

What's the difference between a good conversationalist and a bad one?


 2019-03-07  43m

episode 111: Episode 111: Greg Kobele discusses mathematical linguistics

How can abstract mathematics help us understand the ability people have to speak?


 2019-01-28  41m

episode 110: Episode 110: Chike Jeffers discusses the social and political philosophy of W.E.B. Du Bois

What is the best way forward for racial justice in America?


 2018-12-15  37m

episode 109: Episode 109: Bonus Episode with Matt Teichman and Toby Buckle

A joint episode between Elucidations and the Political Philosophy Podcast


 2018-10-13  47m

episode 108: Episode 108: Mariam Thalos discusses freedom

This episode is about the labels we use to categorize ourselves and whether it's possible to create our own labels.


 2018-09-16  36m

episode 106: Episode 107: Linda Martín Alcoff discusses identity and history

How can the history of your social group affect what it's like for you to be a member of that group?


 2018-08-03  50m

episode 106: Episode 106: R. A. Briggs discusses gender

What is gender, anyway?


 2018-06-23  37m