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ESOcast is a video podcast series dedicated to bringing you the latest news and research from ESO, the European Southern Observatory. Here we explore the Universe's ultimate frontier.

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ESOcast 74: Mapping the Southern Skies

ESOcast 74 looks at ESO’s pair of survey telescopes at Paranal: the Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy (VISTA) and the VLT Survey Telescope (VST).


 April 30, 2015  5m

 April 15, 2015  0m

ESOcast 73: Your ESO Pictures

ESOcast 73 looks at the "Your ESO Pictures" Flickr group, where amateurs and professionals alike contribute their photos related to ESO.


 March 19, 2015  8m

 March 2, 2015  0m

ESOcast 72 – Looking Deeply into the Universe in 3D

The MUSE instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope has given astronomers the best ever three-dimensional view of the deep Universe. After staring at the Hubble Deep Field South region for a total of 27 hours the new observations reveal the distances,


 February 26, 2015  5m

ESOcast 71: New Exoplanet-hunting Telescopes on Paranal

This ESOcast takes a close look at an unusual new group of small telescopes that has recently achieved first light at ESO’s Paranal Observatory in northern Chile.


 January 14, 2015  5m

ESOcast: 70: Green Light for E-ELT Construction

The European Extremely Large Telescope, or E-ELT for short, will be by far the largest optical and near-infrared telescope in the world. In early December 2014 the ESO Council gave the go-ahead for the first construction phase of the telescope.


 December 4, 2014  5m

ESOcast 69: Revolutionary ALMA Image Reveals Planetary Genesis

ESOcast 69 presents the result of the latest ALMA observations, which reveal extraordinarily fine detail that has never been seen before in the planet-forming disc around the young star HL Tauri.


 November 6, 2014  5m

ESOcast 68: ESO Opens its Doors

On 11 October 2014 the ESO Headquarters in Garching, Germany, once more opened their doors to the public. Some 3 300 people used this special opportunity of the Open House Day to visit the centre of the world's foremost astronomical organisation.


 October 24, 2014  4m

ESOcast 67: ESO People at Work and Play

This new ESOcast features six specialists in different areas who work at ESO in Germany and in Chile. Get to know the work they do at ESO, but also learn about interesting hobbies they pursue in their free time and how these hobbies may be connected


 September 11, 2014  8m