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ESSAY - Stages of Psychosocial Consciousness and Culture

Developmental psychologists have discovered that children mature through a series of predictable transformations that continue into, and sometimes through, adulthood. Each stage equips them to deal with increasing complexity. Group cultures follow this same sequence as well.


 2020-09-21  n/a

Secular Arizona Joe Blankenship Briefing

Joe Blankenship discusses Christian Nationalism in America, ongoing cultural racism, the future of policing in America, and the American crisis in education which is linked to participatory citizenship.


 2020-09-16  n/a

ESSAY - Girl Scouts: Liberal or Conservative?

It seems that a conservative Indiana State Representative decided to attack the Girl Scouts on account of how they’re all a bunch of subversives out to “destroy traditional American family values.” Holy libtards Batman! No more cookies for him.


 2020-09-14  n/a

ESSAY - Why I Sound "Too Preachy"

___Being precocious and ballsy, I gave my first official sermon to the congregation at seven years old.___Amoco HR gave me a career-development psychology test. My top two archetype identifications were “Evangelist” and “Warrior.” We both knew I was never going to be promoted past mule skinner.


 2020-09-09  n/a

STORY - Smiting Sinners

You know the place: right where Johns Creek joins up with Caney Fork. Most of Wiley Roy’s friends didn’t go to the Baptist church there. Wiley Roy mostly didn’t go to the Methodist church across the road.


 2020-09-07  n/a

SOUNDSMITH - 9 Tips for a Better Home Studio Recording

Are you doing work that requires recording your voice? Here are 9 Quick Tips that will make everyone's life easier, save you time and money and improve your finished voiceover, podcast, or audiobook product.


 2020-09-04  n/a

STORY - Driving Ma Crazy

Back before cell phones or even pagers, Pa agreed to drop Ma off downtown to have some free time. He was going to run some errands and then pick her up. They agreed on the time and place. They’d been married for years and should have known that it couldn’t be that easy.


 2020-09-02  n/a

ESSAY - We Don't Need No Agenda 21

“Their sense of responsibility to a broader community stops at the end of their nose,” observed my beloved. I had recently had the bad manners to bring up the Earth Charter over coffee near the checkers table at the hardware store.


 2020-08-31  n/a

 2020-08-28  n/a

ESSAY - Permanent Solutions to Temporary Problems

When faced with problems, some respond with anger, helplessness, and hopelessness. But, there are very few problems that will not yield to the persistent, faithful, combined efforts of a committed group that wants to do good and make things better.


 2020-08-26  n/a