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Jordan: King Calls For Review of Tax System Following Angry Protests

King Abdullah tells Prime Minister-designate that new law on tax needs rethink


 2018-06-05  27m

Guatemala Searches for Volcano Missing

Thousands of people in Guatemala are being housed in temporary shelters


 2018-06-05  30m

Jordan: Prime Minister Resigns After Anti-austerity Protests

Prime Minister Hani Mulki resigns after days of demonstrations against austerity-measures


 2018-06-04  26m

Matteo Salvini Urges Crackdown on Migration

Italy's new interior minister calls for an end to the Sicily refugee camp


 2018-06-04  25m

 2018-06-03  25m

President Trump says Summit with North Korea Back On

He says summit will be successful though he describes it as just the start of a process


 2018-06-02  29m

Spanish PM Rajoy Forced Out of Office

He is the first PM in modern Spanish history to be defeated in a no-confidence motion


 2018-06-01  26m

US Imposes Metal Tariffs on Key Allies

The EU, Canada, and Mexico vow to retaliate saying the US action is totally unacceptable


 2018-06-01  28m

European States 'Complicit in CIA Torture'

The CIA operated secret prisons, including in Lithuania and Romania


 2018-05-31  25m

Ukraine Staged Fake Murder of Journalist

Kiev says Arkady Babchenko’s ‘death’ was an operation to foil a Russian assassination plot


 2018-05-31  28m