Global Recon

Welcome to the Global Recon Podcast! Hosted by John Hendricks. Mr. Hendricks sits down with American Intelligence professionals, and American Special Operations personnel to discuss a wide variety of subjects. These topics include historical events, current events, medicine, and geopolitics. Enjoy.


GRP 04 Tu Lam, RoninTactics, Army Special Forces

In this session we have Tu Lam from RoninTactics …


 2016-02-02  49m

GRP 03 Special Operations Selection, Fitness, And Mindset

In this session Mike, and John discuss what it ta…


 2016-01-29  26m

GRP 02 Vice News Reporter, Female Apache Pilot Interviews.

In this session of The Global Recon Podcast, we i…


 2016-01-27  53m