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Motherhood is a journey! Michelle joins you on your greatest adventure! Each week hear experts, entrepreneurs, and fellow parents share advice and information as you navigate motherhood. Conversations with other parents will keep you laughing and learning!

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Go Travel with Vrbo! Women's Health with Dr. Alyssa Dweck; Raise Your Child's Immunity with Garden of Life

Vrbo's travel expert, Melanie Fish, shares top destinations currently for travel around the United States. She also shares the benefits of staying in a vacation rental home and how to navigate the Vrbo website and app. This is a great site for those...


 2020-10-03  42m

Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month, Kids and Medicaid/Chip, Kids Immunity with Garden of Life

Dr. Sonye Danoff talks about the signs and symptoms of Pulmonary Fibrosis. Dr. Doug Olsen, Chief Medical Officer for Medicaid/CHIP, talks about the importance for students to have health coverage and how to enroll.


 2020-09-25  42m

Learn About Your DNA, Hair Coloring Tips, Taking Mommy Time with Garden of Life

Ancestry Health powered by NGS is a powerful new saliva test that allows you to gain knowledge about your health risks based on your DNA. Dr. Sarah South shares how it all works and how we can gain this knowledge through Ancestry Health powered by...


 2020-09-19  40m

Going Back to Preschool, Get Outside with Joovy, Healthy Hacks for Moms

Marshall Stevenson, comic and owner of the NY Beer and Brewery Tour, and Michelle share their thoughts about their preschoolers going back to school. Joovy's Sarah Gardner discusses what it's like to work with her spouse as partners in the...


 2020-09-12  48m

Roadtripping with Loni Unser, Back to School with Dr. Loss, Testing for Covid When Going Into Work, Advances in Pediatric Cancer Treatment

Racing star Loni Unser offers safety tips for your next roadtrip. Dr. Rhonda Meadows from Ayin Health Solutions talks about how to make sure you are negative for Covid-19 before going into work. Dr. Ryan Loss is a clinical psychologist from...


 2020-09-06  36m

Great New Corona Children's Book, Think Tank Preschool From Home, Corona and Flu Season

Jill Rosensweig wrote a great new children's book about the coronavirus! It's inspiring and perfect for even when there is no pandemic! Dawn Lesley Stewart talks about her highly coveted NYC preschool and how you can sign up online this year! Hear...


 2020-08-29  38m

Navigating "Back to School" During Pandemic; Biking to school, School Culture and Victoria Rowell's New TV Show

Ericka Sóuter, a nationally recognized voice in the realm of parenting news talks to us about how Messenger Kids from Facebook can help with learning and connecting to friends. Ron Berger, Chief Academic Officer, for EL Education discusses the...


 2020-08-22  38m

GDH - Jack - Your Skin Is Not A Barrier, It's A Sponge

08/12/20 - Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Jack Stockwell, Phone: 866-867-5070 begin with tips on how to offset the downsides of wearing Face Masks. Doc says that there have been no double-blind studies with conclusive evidence that...


 2020-08-19  31m

GDH - Ken - New Drug Reduces Hair Loss

08/07/20 - Host Doug Stephan and Dr. Ken Kronhaus of Lake Cardiology (352-735-1400) begin with Dr. Ken agreeing with Dr. Fauci that we probably will not see another major shutdown, due to the virus. People who face the risk of Cardiac related problems...


 2020-08-13  36m

Enrich Your Children with Music Together!

Susan Darrow, CEO of Music Together Worldwide, talks about the importance of music in a child's life from the time they are a baby. Michelle has had her own children enrolled in the program for almost three years since they were six months old and...


 2020-08-12  38m