My goal right from the beginning was that I wanted it to be a podcast that, when it stopped, you didn’t feel worse,” says Cariad Lloyd, host of Griefcast, a weekly interview podcast where media personalities share stories about loved ones they've lost. “We’re all in this club that no one asked to join, and it’s really helpful when you realize there’s other people in the club. Part of grief is feeling quite isolated, so when you realize, ‘Oh, it's not just me,’ It does help.” In each episode, Lloyd makes space for natural, unhurried conversations for her guests to talk about death where, in her words, “Nobody’s going to change the subject.”In 2016, the British actor, comedian, and writer came up with the idea of starting the show when she realized a lot of her comedian friends were doing podcasts. It coincided with her talking about her dad publicly, who passed away from pancreatic cancer when she was 15. “I’d kept it this hidden thing,” she says. "So once I started the podcast, and once people knew, people wanted to talk to me about it. It became this place where I could finally have those conversations I yearned to have...

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episode 121: #121 Simon Stephenson

This week Cariad talks to writer (and former Dr.) Simon Stephenson about his brother, who died in the 2004 Boxing Day tsumani. As ever they talk grief, hope + going back.You can follow Simon on Twitter @TheSimonBot and his book Set My Heart To Five is...


 2020-11-18  55m

episode 122: #122 Robert Diament

This week Cariad talks to the amazing Robert Diament, from the Talk Art podcast, about his brother Andrew's death, who died when he was a teenage after taking the drug, ecstasy. As ever they talk grief, newspaper headlines + dinner parties.You ...


 2020-11-25  54m

episode 123: #123 Jess Mills

This week Cariad talks to Jess Mills about her Mum, Tessa Jowell, who died from a brain tumour in 2018. As ever they talk grief, motherhood + determination.You can follow Jess Mills on Twitter and Instagram @iamjessmills.@Griefcast is hosted by C...


 2020-12-02  52m

episode 124: #124 Jess Robinson

This week Cariad talks to musical comedian and podcaster Jess Robinson about her Dad, who passed away this March at the start of lockdown. As ever they talk grief, pandemic funerals + snotty tissuesFollow Jess on Twitter and Instagram @JessieRobinso...


 2020-12-09  47m

episode 125: #125 Julia Samuel

This week Cariad talks to grief psychotherapist Julia Samuel about grief (of course), ambiguous loss + trying to Marie Kondo your feelings. You can find Julia on Instagram @juliasamuelmbe and her book, This Too Shall Pass, is out now.You c...


 2020-12-16  1h5m

episode 126: #126 Now that's what I call Griefcast (part 5)

Hey griefsters, it's the last episode of the very strange year that is 2020, so we've revisited some of our beautiful episodes from this season, and rounded up some clips for you to listen to. As ever, the full episodes are all available to d...


 2020-12-23  43m