Highly Questionable

Dan Le Batard presents his "questionable" approach to sports commentary.


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Blame Game: 8/8/16

Bomani Jones, Dan Le Batard and his father discuss how embarrassing it is for the NFL to cancel the Hall of Fame Game last night, what does Alex Rodriguez's future looks like after being released and swimmer Lilly King calling out Yulia Efimova at the Ol


 2016-08-08  20m

Kent Bazemore: 8/5/16

Pablo Torre, Dan Le Batard and his father discuss Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant's relationship post free agency, Kevin White's comments about Jay Cutler and if Travis Kelce's dating show will be a distraction for the Chiefs. Plus, Kent Bazemore join


 2016-08-05  21m

Staying In OKC: 8/4/16

Israel Gutierrez, Dan Le Batard and Papi discuss if Russell Westbrook will regret signing his extension, is it becoming easier to be an openly gay player and how should NBA teams view Derek Fisher.


 2016-08-04  21m

Out Of Line: 8/3/16

Bomani Jones, Dan Le Batard and Papi discuss if Joey Votto really needed to apologize to a fan, who should have the biggest beef with the Bennett brothers and umpire Bob Davidson ejecting a fan.


 2016-08-03  20m

Catching Ghosts: 8/2/16

Bomani, Dan and Papi discuss LeBron James' recent comments, Klay Thompson's role with the Warriors, USA basketball and much more.


 2016-08-02  21m

The Big Picture: 8/1/16

Bomani, Dan and Papi discuss Draymond Green learning from his SnapChat incident, if Michael Bennett needed to apologize to Cam Newton and if the Steelers need to give Antonio Brown more money.


 2016-08-01  21m

Stupid Questions? : 7/29/16

Bomani, Dan and Papi discuss if reporters should stop asking Bill Belichck questions that annoy him, how Ryan Fitzpatrick should feel about Geno Smith being "pissed" and the NHL commissioner.


 2016-07-29  20m

The Steph Factor: 7/28/16

Dan Le Batard, Papi and Bomani Jones discuss if teams are planning for lack of chemistry between Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, if Ryan Fitzpatrick won the contract battle with New York, the bet between Steelers WR Antonio Brown and Jets WR Brandon Marsh


 2016-07-28  20m

Sherman Matters : 7/27/16

Bomani Jones, Dan Le Batard and Papi talk about Richard Sherman's All Lives Matter comment, Mike Krzyzewski says that Team USA should calm down a bit and Aroldis Chapman's flippant interview.


 2016-07-27  20m

You Need To Cut It: 7/26/16

Dan, Bomani, and Papi decide whether or not Chris Sale's explanation justified his actions, if the Browns taking back Josh Gordon is the right move and more. Plus, Kliff Kingsbury joins.


 2016-07-26  21m