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An educational, informative, and irreverent look at all things Beatles with Dave and Chris.


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Episode 8: Beatles Duds!

Dave and Chris discuss their nominees for "Beatles Duds," which are songs that don't quite make the cut in the Beatles' catalog.  Why did they ...


 2012-07-26  43m

Episode 7: Defending Ringo

Happy Birthday, Ringo!  This episode explores the many ways one can "defend" Ringo from people who claim he was just "lucky."  Hear clips of his ...


 2012-07-07  42m

Episode 6: “Don’t Let Me Clown”: John Lennon Career Moves

What are some things John Lennon shouldn't have done in his career -- or, what things should he have done more of?  Listen to this ...


 2012-06-26  44m

Episode 5-Review of “Magical Mystery Tour”

To celebrate Sir Paul McCartney's 70th birthday, Dave and Chris discuss the album Magical Mystery Tour, released 45 years ago in 1967.  We analyze each ...


 2012-06-18  47m

Episode 4b: George Harrison’s Songs-Part 2

In this episode, we continue our look at George Harrison's solo career spanning the album George Harrison (1979) to the most recent releases.  We also make ...


 2012-06-10  22m

Episode 4a: George Harrison’s Songs-Part 1

In this episode, Dave and Chris look at the career of George Harrison, beginning with comments about his songs with the Beatles and continuing with ...


 2012-06-07  39m

Episode 3- Who was the “Fifth Beatle?”

In this episode, Dave and Chris ponder which musician who played on or produced Beatles recordings should get the coveted title of "Fifth Beatle."


 2012-05-14  33m

Episode 2 - McCartney Reissues

Dave and Chris discuss the four reissued releases by Paul McCartney (Band on the Run, McCartney, McCartney II, and Ram) and look at some of ...


 2012-05-12  37m

Episode 1: Introduction and Some Talk about the White Album

Welcome to our podcast!  We introduce ourselves, then discuss our "perfect" versions of the White Album (The Beatles).


 2012-05-09  29m