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Phone different Podcast 13

Mike and Dieter speculate on the SDK announcement, discuss enterprise email support, and read from your letters. Listen in!


 2008-03-05  45m

Phone different Podcast 12

Mike and Dieter discuss their hopes and dreams for the upcoming iPhone SDK, the Tiny Code drama, and more.


 2008-02-20  42m

Phone different Podcast 11

iphone, macworld, 1.1.3, apple


 2008-02-06  56m

Phone different Podcast 10

round robin, unlocked iphone, t-mobile versus vodafone, vs apple and 3g iphone, sdk rumors, universal


 2007-12-07  32m

Phone different Podcast 9

iTunes, Smartphone Round Robin, 680, Windows Mobile, O2, T-Mobile, AT&T, Firmware, Ringtones


 2007-11-19  34m

Phone different Podcast 8

Smartphone Round Robin, iPhone Reviews, Curve look, O2 and T-Mobile, Jailbreak, firmware update, iTunes update, Notes, Documents2Go, Media, NBC, Name Changes, Android, 3G, Round Robin contest


 2007-11-06  45m

Phone different Podcast 7

CTIA, iPhone france, unlock, canada trademark, product red, SDK, widgets, leopard, webapps, iTunes plus price cut, greenpeace, ads,


 2007-10-19  47m

Phone different Podcast 6

iPhone firmware, 1.1.1, iPhone abroad, Widgets, Human Interface Guidelines, 2nd Party Apps, Jailbreak, Amazon MP3, Lawsuits, Community, Phone different format


 2007-10-09  56m

Phone different Podcast 5, 3G iPhones, Tower Triangulation, Mobile Office, GUI Unlock, iTunes, Firmware, Ringtones


 2007-09-24  32m

Phone different Podcast 4

$200 price cut, open letter, $100 rebate, unlocking, ringtones, instant messaging, video out


 2007-09-10  35m