Intuition Unleashed Podcast (A Revolution in Personal Liberation)

Intuition Unleashed: A Revolution in Personal Liberation Podcast is your go-to resource for combining guidance with mental health and spirituality and solving your questions about why you can’t seem to catch a break and find true happiness. Are you looking for ways to flip your life from having unsatisfying relationships to having deeper connections with others. Do you need help understanding more about how to connect with your own intuition and find deeper and more satisfying connections with others without feeling like you are crazy or begging for attention? Make this podcast your go-to resource in the quest to achieving the highest connection with you own inner self while also tapping into guidance from higher metaphysical realms! More episodes at


episode 3: The Path to Personal Liberation: Overcoming Paralysis and Living a Life of Joy with Barry Shore

Have you been dealing with a lot of stress lately, be it about money, relationships, or health? Have you been having difficulties in seeing the good in life, and feel like you have been dealing with unfair punishments despite being a kind person?

Cheer up, for our guest for this episode – known as “The Ambassador of Joy” – might just have the keys to the solution to your problems, and he’s more than willing and happy to hand it over to...


 2023-03-01  50m

episode 2: Turn Grief into Spiritual Awakening, Personal Liberation, and Thriving Spiritual Business with Lindsay Marino

Are you feeling lost and uncertain about your future? Do you need clarity and healing in the wake of life's events? 

Psychic and Medium skills can offer invaluable insight and guidance. For centuries, practitioners have used these techniques to help individuals gain clarity, insight, and ultimately healing.

Lindsay Marino is an international psychic medium, podcast host, and co-author of the #1 Amazon best seller 365 Days of Angel Prayers...


 2023-03-01  37m

episode 1: Unlock Your Cosmic Destiny: Embracing Galactic Heritage to Achieve Personal Liberation with Dr. Lisa Thompson

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve felt stuck in a place you don’t want to be, despite your gut repeatedly telling you to move out? Or have you ever felt the urge to be different, to believe in the unexplainable and the unseen, even though society deemed it unsuitable?

Today’s guest was exactly like you. At some point in her life, she hid her true beliefs and disregarded her inner voice just to fit in and be ‘normal’...


 2023-03-01  32m

Welcome to Intuition Unleashed Podcast

Do you frequently ask yourself if you did something you must be being “punished” for because others seem to have the life that you can’t seem to have?

Are you tired of sabotaging your own success? Do you want to stop feeling guilty and embarrassed people pleasing just to feel accepted and have that sense of belonging?  

Cut the shit! Stop struggling to feel present, stop being taken advantage of, express how you feel, and stop making choices based on what others...


 2023-02-11  1m